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Paula Stafford

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Paula Stafford was an astute businesswoman who understood her market.

Stafford began importing Swiss cottons and bikjni a vast range of fabrics available in store, displayed as rows of colourful bolts bkini customers to choose Pals. She offered a hour design service, meaning a customer could come in to the store on a Monday morning, be measured, choose her fabrics and designs, bkini collect Pauls bikini garment to wear to the beach the following morning. This service was perfect for a transient tourist market, which Stafford tapped directly in to. Mail order also flourished. To keep up with the scale of orders, several of the Fiesta apartments were transformed into more workroom space, and Stafford oversaw a staff of This parade led the way for others throughout Australia, and overseas.

She would later begin her own modelling agency, Golden Girls, primarily to showcase her own designs, and continued to hold fashion parades throughout the country well in to the s. One of her most famous menswear clients was Sammy Davis Jr. The Stafford family were part of the business, with Beverly leaving his own ventures to develop menswear opportunities for Paula, while her daughters Susan, Frances, and Sybil were all heavily involved in the design, retail, and production of Paula Stafford garments. She had hundreds of stockists and a staff of 65 at her peak.

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Frances Stafford opened a stand-alone store in Sydney. Paula Stafford retained her success in the Pauls bikini changeable fashion industry over multiple decades. The styles, fabrics, and functionality of her bikibi continued to draw on a beach lifestyle for vikini appeal, and consequently saw little stylistic variation. In addition to her fashion prowess, Stafford continued to develop business opportunities in other areas, opening hotels, developing property, and establishing art galleries with her husband. After forty years of success, Paula Stafford retired from the helm of her label in In she published her autobiography, and in was inducted in to the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame.

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Bikini Pauls

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