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Dick Pinney's Guide Lines: Help state manage striped bass stock

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I'd have to describe them oinneys in fair condition. The brooks are low and fishable here but you just can't get at most of them because of the snow depths. Our stocking schedule has been set back a good two weeks because of this," John said. Even though they are hungry, their metabolisms are slow and will not exert much effort chasing bait.

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A night crawler on a bobber is all that's required to entice a trout or salmon. He was fishing on the Camel's Pasture. Both fiishing and ATVs have been getting stuck and are having a hard time. There's plenty of ice. We're going to be looking at a later than normal ice-out. But that's okay with a lot of our togue fishermen. They are still catching a lot of fish. One party of two people caught nine togue in a few hours last week. We weighed in a togue caught by Scott Gonyea at He also had one that was close to eight pounds.

Scott caught those two big fish on an Airplane jig with cutsucker bait. We also had a six-year-old neighbor, Eric Gunther, catch a four-pound togue on his first-ever trip out on the ice. I've got my ice shack out, and have been doing real good. Either cut or live seems to work just as well.

Report Dick pinneys fishing

Going by Sebago Lake I could see a small cluster of bob houses out on the ice just off Jordan's Store. The lack of snow until just a couple of weeks ago has really helped freeze up our lakes and ponds. Last year it wasn't cold enough for Sebago to freeze really solid. There were open patches of water on Big Bay, the main body of the lake, most of the winter. This year, however, things started to set up about the middle of January. By the last week, parts of Jordan Bay, Kettle Cove, the areas behind the Dingley Islands were getting a good ice cover. In another week, these areas had 10" or more of ice, and there was up to " out over the Shoals.

Dick Pinney's Fishing Report has teport raving about the " John Boland, Regional Senior Biologist who covers the Sebago area was fishong as saying that this was " John said "There are Dic, many fisjing stories that I can't pick one, but I can tell you that when we were Dixk with our fishermen census, I took a few minutes repprt fish for myself. In 20 minutes I had five togue on the ice, and in the process I'd released another six. In Vermont pinneye is called the "Longe", and in California it is known as the Mackinaw trout. Originally, Dic legend goes, "togue" came from the American Indian name for the fish.

Specimens weighing 30 pounds are often caught, and some occasionally go to as much as pounds. The "toque" pronounced "too-k" is associated with the French Canadian Pjnneys who travelled the rivers and lakes of the northcountry in the 's. The English spelling of "toque" is "Tuque" and is pronounced the same way. According to Jeff "the tuque toucher" McKenzie and Matt "who took my tuque" Lachniet, see A Touch of Tuquea true tuque is knit, brimless, and may be pointed. It's principal usage is for warmth, not aesthetics. Get the derby details at www. But this year it seems like the more traditional area at Greenland Bay has really taken off.

One of our customers shanty was in use during the day and also that night, and limit catches were taken each time. At high tide the area that is being fished is a free floating island of ice surrounded by thirty feet of open water! There is great ice on the Squamscott at the Exeter Town Landing and several smelt shacks are out on the ice there. For the second weekend in a row they ran out of live bait! Lots of crappie including a few whoppers up to over two pounds. Plenty of pickerel, perch and bluegills and a few bass that were three pounds or a little better. It seems that that pond is doing very well. Catches of up to fifty or so fish seem to be the norm, but there also have been a few smelters that have been skunked.

We have no word about the Lamprey River smelting, but there has been some activity above the dam in the freshwater for panfish. The ice conditions are pretty much safe in most areas, but you need to be aware of some big pressure ridges that have opened up in the last day or so—some with close to five feet of open water. And our cusk fishing in most of the lakes has been good. The lakers are running in the two to five pound range and there was a four pound tagged rainbow caught right here at Meredith Bay.

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