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National Publications was looking for a hit to accompany their success with Detective Comicsand did not have time to solicit new material.

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Jack Liebowitz, co-owner of National Publications, told editor Vin Sullivan to create their fourth comic book. Because of the tight deadline, Sullivan was forced to make it out of inventory and stockpile pages. He found a number of adventurer stories, but comc a lead feature. Sullivan asked former coworker Sheldon Mayer if he could help. Mayer found the rejected Superman comic strips, and Sullivan told Siegel and Shuster that if they could paste them into 13 comic book pages, he would buy them. Baby Superman is sent to Earth by his scientist father in a "hastily-devised space ship" from "a distant planet" which "was destroyed by old age".

After the space ship lands on Earth, "a passing motorist, discovering the sleeping baby within, turned the child over to an orphanage".

The baby Superman lifts a large chair overhead with one hand, astounding the orphanage attendants with "his feats of strength". Clark decides that "he must turn his titanic strength into channels that would benefit mankind, and so was created 'Superman', champion of the oppressed The panels do not identify Superman's home planet by name or explain how he was named Clark Kent. All the while, Clark tries to keep Superman out of the papers. Comics Buyer's Guide estimated in that only 50 to original Lois comic xxx of Action Comics 1 exist. The sale, by an anonymous seller to an anonymous buyer, was through the Manhattan -based auction company ComicConnect.

Cage had previously received an insurance payment for the item. The seller Darren Adams, a comic book store owner in Federal Way, Washingtonhad purchased the issue from the estate of a man who had originally bought the issue from a newsstand on its release in The original buyer lived in high altitudes in West Virginia and stored the comic in a stack with others, which provided the optimal "cool, dry and dark" conditions that lent well to a comic's age, according to Adams. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Toonporn, toonsex, freecartoonporn, cartoonvalley, toon, valley, Hiram started out classic baby-boomer mom romantic lover husband, devoted den mother kids.

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