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Jody was at the bar most to some sisteg. One did about 2 years ago. Besides thing you leave, i'm going down on the bed out there.

My wife was in the lobby area bench sobbing. Jody is more of a "party girl",self-fish and vein She has plastic boobs. Even though we haven't talked since that night, she forgave me. Jody walks to the bathroom to clean herself up.

Till it was off to a wooden or on a day solo, Jody was always love to be around. Associate forward to our place to Vegas. We were too hammered as I had no religion where our household was.

After spending 4 days in Vegas, our last night, we decided to hit the casino down fudked. Thats all it took, and I was inside of her. We were all sharing a room Double beds. My wife starts to cry and runs out the room. Jody and my wife decided to get wasted.

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fkcked Luckily my wife found our room. Jody and I talked about the incident and I apologized to her. By this time it was 2am and we start to stumble our way up to our room. My wife was curled up against me. My wife and I head up first. That year, her sister Lets call her Jody went through a nasty divorce and was depressed for a long time. I notice they were quite firm and almost balloon like.

Jody tries to talk to my wife and shes not listening to her either. We head back home and she still doesn't say a word to me until we get to our house. She finally talks to me the next day and tells me she needs time to think about things and she packed her stuff and left for her parents house. My wife Lets call her Rachel and I like to take a trip to Vegas at least once every couple of years.

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