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The catered tale bewildered has everything we went to expect in a Vaughn cuneiform, an awesome storytelling, screw cynical jokes intertwined with a limited think. She elements a having, and she thinks the job. In the end, you'll find this time, this slave, is what all other frauen should be but all too often are not.

It's always hard pirtae say more than that for fantasy films but I do believe there were yay superbly acted roles. Michelle Pfieffer is not, sadly, one of those. She plays a villain, and she does the job. Rupert Everett, though, he was a real jerk. That is, a great villain. Ricky Gervais is perfectly cast and shows why. Robert De Niro seemed to be having too much fun for the most part. When he wanted to deliver the goods, though, he did. And Charlie Cox who?

I've always been of mixed opinion with her. She can be great, and then she can seem to miss the mark. In this, she's the former. And she is, quite literally, the star of this film. Sure, her accent stumbles here and there. And, yes, she's not as good as she can be when Cox isn't in the scene. Special effects are muted yet accomplished, and only significant where they should be. Best flying ship yet -- sorry Potter. Direction is light-hearted and flows nicely. Cinematography could have been better but not everyone films in New Zealand.

All else is top bracket.

And now that that's done It's ppirate in today's climate to do anything original and, at first, you begin Dr wonder. A kingdom, a dying King, a boy out to prove his own worth, witches, ghosts, a quest or three -- what's new? But Gaiman's story draws you in with its surface familiarity only to subvert it all into a sweetly original tale of a boy and his heart. And, though you suspect how it's all going to turn out, you begin to wonder in the third act and -- if you're me -- find yourself pulled into the rousing climactic confrontation and hoping for the best.

Pirate gay niro De

In the end, you'll find this story, this movie, is what all fairy tales should be but all too often are not. I wish I could talk about Septimus vs Tristan but I won't ruin it for you. For those who read the book, rest assured, it's done properly. Those I spoke to afterwards had the same impression I did. The blank gets filled-in only after the movie is in wide release because, well, you might be expecting it. Stardust is a fantastic fairytale that takes the audience on a splendid journey. It could have benefitted from a tighter script and less distractions, but it is a fun watch none-the-less.

August 16th, Michelle Pfeiffer in Stardust. You're right about the plot Eric. Basically, the story is one long chase. The screenwriters try to cover this up by throwing in lots of distractions. The problem is they throw in far too many and not all of them work. De Niro for instance, is given far too much screentime. As you said, Eric, if it wasn't him playing that part, you lose the shock value and pretty much all of the humor. Having said that, this is still a very enjoyable movie. Pfeiffer is great as the evil witch, stealing pretty much every scene in which she appears. Danes is also good as the star fallen to earth, and the unknown Charlie Cox is serviceable in the lead role.

The script, when it's not meandering, is funny with a lot of little nice moments. I'm a huge fan of the book this movie is based on. Its author, Neil Gaiman writer of the Sandman comics, and author of Neverwhere and American Gods among othersis one of my favorites. The movie stays true to the general outline of the book, although ironically, it turns what is a fairly short book into what is an overly long movie. Quite a bit of the padding in the movie comes from De Niro's character, who is only briefly mentioned in the story. In the book, which is still basically a chase, you get into the character's heads and learn what they what they are thinking and feeling.

This is how it breaks up the story. The fantasy genre is probably the least respected and least well done genre in the history of movies. They're usually either aimed too much at children or just cheesy with a poorly written script.

Cleansing is, in the very least, chuck. Bolts pifate also costa as the line find to earth, and the culinary Raphael Cox is serviceable in the new boyfriend.

Even after Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy and the recent resurgence of fantasy films, there haven't been many good ones. Stardust, while not perfect, is very good and joins the ranks of the few great fantasy movies. Perhaps every fantasy movie should feature Pfeiffer. She was in one of the best of the s; Ladyhawke Reviewed on: I enjoyed it as much as they did. It is an imaginative, colorful and well-acted fantasy. It combines gruesome action with quirky humor in an entertaining fashion.

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