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Welcome to Toyland, and enjoy the ride. You may sot that the sensation of this muscle opening is intensely erotic — I did. Anal hook Anal hooks are hooked metal poles with a metal ball at one end the end that gets inserted in the anus and a loop at the other.

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ssoft You insert the dildo, which has a hollow chute running through it, then push the eggs in. It is clingy, so it sticks to itself and pulls off easily. Once inside the spinchter, it locks in the ass via a bulbed base like a butt plug. Mimicking that basic shape, this dildo is a great practice tool for fistees. TitanMen Inflatable Wonder This one has been in my toy box for years. Creating equal parts pain and pleasure, these are go-to items for nipple play enthusiasts. There are big fetishes surrounding ovipositors along with aliens, tentacles, and host impregnation.

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We all quickly discovered sex via the glowing orange icons on our phones. Every movement of the metal rod and whatever it is attached to will be felt in the butt. Sounding Rods Sounding is a semi-extreme kink that involves inserting small thin rods usually metal into the urethra — the head of your dick. Since these are technically sex toys, they deserve a mention.

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