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Teens, Social Media, and Privacy

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Teens have a variety of ways to make available or limit access to their personal information on social media sites. Large numbers of youth have lied about psot age in order to gain access to websites and online accounts. More than half of internet-using teens have decided not to post content online over reputation concerns. For the five different types of personal information that we measured in both andeach is significantly more likely to be shared by teen social media users on the profile they use most often.

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Teens who are somewhat or very concerned that some of the information they share on social network sites might be accessed by Picc parties like advertisers or businesses without their knowledge more frequently delete comments, untag themselves from photos or content, and deactivate or delete their ppost account. Close to one in three online teens say they have received online advertising that was clearly inappropriate for their age. Focus group data suggests that many teens find sharing their location unnecessary and unsafe, while others appreciate the opportunity to signal their location to friends and parents.

Insights from our focus groups suggest that some teens may not have a good sense of whether the information they share on a social media site is being used by third parties. Instead, they take an array of steps to restrict and prune their profiles, and their patterns of reputation management on social media vary greatly according to their gender and network size.

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Teens are sharing more information about themselves on social media sites than they did in the past. Teens are increasingly sharing personal information on social media sites, a trend that is likely driven by the evolution of the platforms PPic use as well as changing norms around sharing. In Picc to the trend questions, we also asked five new questions about the profile teens use most often and found that among teen social media users: The mean age of participants is Older teens tend to be Facebook friends with a larger variety of people, while younger teens are less likely to friend certain groups, including those they have never met in person.

Yet even as they share more information with a wider range of people, they are also more actively engaged in maintaining their online profile or persona. While those with Facebook profiles most often choose private settings, Twitter users, by contrast, are much more likely to have a public account. Parents of the surveyed teens were asked a related question:

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