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YouTube Amateur Users Alienated By Pros Flocking To Video Site

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Achieving self-sufficiency on YouTube was Douthit's dream.

Then it became a nightmare. Over the past year, Driving Sports TV's popularity and revenues have plummeted as much as 90 percent, Douthit said, as viewers abandoned him for slicker, more professional and better-marketed fare that's suddenly streaming onto YouTube. Douthit is among thousands of amateur video producers who helped Google-owned YouTube become the Internet's most popular video-sharing site. But YouTube's thriving amateur core now feels squeezed out by the site's sweeping transformation from user-generated clips to more professionally produced content, posing a potential dilemma for Google's long-term ambitions in online video.

Tom Hanks, Amy Poehler and other big-name talent are now backing YouTube projects, while Madonna, Jay-Z and Ashton Kutcher have signed up to curate YouTube "channels," bringing hierarchy to an ecosystem that looks more like Hollywood by the day.

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The influx of cash, celebrity and structure has left many small "YouTubers" - Youtube adult amateur bedroom pundits and aspiring guitar heroes who helped make YouTube popular - feeling alienated and shunted aside. In July at Vidcon, an annual conference for the YouTube creator community, Jim Louderback, the chief executive of Revision3, a well-known digital video network recently Yooutube by Discovery Communications, said disenchanted YouTubers were fleeing for other platforms. As amateir spoke on stage, a slide presentation behind him showed a picture of rats scrambling qmateur of a ship named "YouTube. In an interview with Reuters at Revision3's 4,square foot studio space in an industrial building in San Francisco, Louderback said many successful YouTubers were exploring how to stream video in their own apps, totally independent of YouTube.

He has poached some of YouTube's biggest stars himself, signing them to Revision3's talent roster and shifting some of their videos onto its own website. However, there is little doubt that the move to more professionally produced content is proving good for business. In recent years, YouTube has shared ad revenues with its content creators, based on how many views their videos get. But tensions between the company and video creators came to a head in March when YouTube, which says its streams more than 4 billion videos per day, changed an algorithm that governed which clips were recommended to viewers. We are in thrall to Google and Wikipedia, addicted to Facebook and YouTube, but Keen, who was a bright-eyed Silicon Valley prospector before the dotcom crash, is making no apologies for his loss of faith.

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It isn't simply the aamteur of banality that worries him: He doom-mongers rather indulgently at times, but his horror story is still compelling. A lot of Keen's fears are familiar and valid. The music industry is on its knees and fledgling bands do suffer when fans download their music for free. We can never be quite sure about what we read on Wikipedia.

We worry about Google abusing our confidences. Youtune the way Keen ties Youtuve concerns together that makes this book worth taking seriously, and even if you'd like to punch the man in the nose for calling you a monkey, few can dispute the need to critique this enormously powerful tool which we like to believe is fully in our control. In many cases that control is a two-way circuit, and no matter how democratic Web 2. Unscrupulous corporations, scam artists and smut peddlers rank high on Keen's offenders list. It's when he takes a moral standpoint that his grip on the argument loosens.

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