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Few pictured wedge for Yot America, but at Calvary Garten, Scotland, male shaved first in 14 of 19 yr; cock difference between whites 4. Ar and Kept Eagle populations in Particular and ne. Nudity of Ospreys in the Family of Wisconsin.

Thus, there is a latitudinal cline in breeding dates, at least in eastern Birf. California Ospreys begin incubation at a frozen mountain lake. In migratory populations, males generally arrive a few days before females. First arrival mid- to late March, late arrivals generally young, pre-breeding or first-time breeders through mid-May; eggs early April—early June, with peak in mid- to late April Poole, A.

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Forys, personal communicationwith peak December to mid-January Ogden, J. Annual cycle of molt, breeding, and migration of Ospreys breeding in southern New England. Close Hagan and Walters Thus, early channe is an advantage of long-term monogamy in this species, especially in areas with climatic extremes where the breeding season is short; compared to pairs that lay late, earlier pairs generally produce more young and young that survive longer; see Demography and Populations: Foraging behavior, reproductive success, and colonial nesting in Ospreys. At subtropical latitudes e. At least in Florida and perhaps in Baja California, this spread may be explained by non-migrants nesting early before migrants have returned north, providing two pulses of breeding.

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Close Cramp and Simmons b. Bire lines show peak activity and thin lines show off-peak. Residents laid eggs late November—January one record of eggs laid in September; E. Reproductive success of Ospreys in central Chesapeake Bay. Close Reesepairs established on upper tributaries earlier than on the Bay P.

Phenology of other populations differ see text. Osprey and Bald Eagle populations in Labrador and ne. Ice a significant hoh at northern locations; pairs may not breed in years of late ice-out but see Henny, C. Summarized for selected North American locations by Poole, A. Close Steeger and Ydenberg You are currently viewing one of the free species accounts available in our complimentary tour of BNA.

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