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btuler Login or sign up. The page you're trying to access: Ladies versus Butlers fanservice compilation To view butker video, this page requires javascript to be enabled. The naked brunette rocked her hips forward, throwing the squealing blonde onto her back and sitting atop her as she butlwr to ravage the squealing blondes tits. Michelle's face twisted in agony as her rival mashed and yancg at her, ayncy her cry. Yancy released a tit and began pounding punches into Michelle's soft belly as she continued to torture her other breast. Yancg overwhelming attack had the blonde sobbing and groaning, her legs weakly sweeping side-to-side and kicking gravel.

Yancy's eyes still burned from the sand that Michelle had thrown in them. The blonde squeaked as her head snapped to one side, and she went limp on the ground, barely conscious. Yancy roughly yanked off the unresisting blondes top and tore off her bra that held her heavy, round breasts. Yancy raked her nails cruelly across the pale globes, quivering Michelle's erect nipples and leaving crimson furrows in the soft flesh. The blonde sobbed as excruciating pain overwhelmed her, rendering her defenseless. Yancy got to her feet, still straddling Michelle; leaned over and grasped her by the nipples between her fingers.

The blonde cried out, tears forming in her green eyes. Yancy backed up, pulling the whimpering girl to the front of the Vette. She held her there with Michelle's back to her car. Michelle stood there, her shoulders stooped, her hands resting submissively on Yancy's nude hips. Michelle sniveled as she massaged her pain filled nipples, her eyes staring down at the ground in embarrassment.

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Yancy reached out and tilted Michelle's head up to face yacy using a finger under her chin. Yancy stepped back and delivered a devastating back kick, catching Michelle in the belly and launching the groaning girl back onto her Bhtler hood. The battered blonde gasped for air, completely overwhelmed as she writhed on her car's hood. Yancy grabbed the poor girl by her big nipples again and slowly pulled her up to a seated position, stretching them painfully as Michelle whimpered in pain. She gazed helplessly at Yancy who smacked her in the jaw with a quick, short punch.

The blonde collapsed on her back and lay spread-eagled across the hood of her car. Yancy retrieved her clothes from the Vette and got dressed, leaving the blonde splayed across her car. Yancyy took off the blonde's sandals, shorts and pink thong, spreading them out on the hood beside her. She used Michelle's thong and bra to lash her wrists to the side mirrors, then pulled a pocketknife from her shorts. She used her knife to cut numerous strips of material from the cotton top and tied them together. These she use to tie Michelle's ankles to the underside of the front of the Corvette.

The denim shorts she tossed into her TRV. As the blonde lay unconscious and tied spread-eagled to her car, the nasty brunette slowly circled the car with knife in hand, gouging the paint clear around it. She took Michelle's handbag from the car's bucket seat. Searching through it, she found a tube of cherry red lipstick. With a devious grin, she uncapped it and went back to the bound, naked blonde and drew a long arrow that started between her tits and went down her belly, pointing toward her spread legs and ending at the fringe of her dark blonde muff. Then Yancy got into Michelle's Vette, started it and slowly drove it back to the highway. She paused a safe distance from the road as a tractor trailer truck whizzed by, then continued and parked the blonde's car on the shoulder of the road.

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