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If you opt for the outstanding plan, it will meet you with the altex to work on 10 admitted projects. But, if you reminisce phenomenal projects it works you do on an important number of relationships with numerous collaborators.

It also includes a free plan where you can sync with GitHub, check your revision history, and add multiple collaborators. For free, it offers just MB of data upload limit and 1 private document at a time. If you opt for the paid plan, it will empower you with the ability to work on 10 private projects. You get the auto-completion functionality with this LaTeX editor. Similar to ShareLaTeX, it offers separate pricing plans for professionals and students. The paid packages let you sync the documents on GitHub and Dropbox along with the ability to record the full document history.

Latex Kile

Apart from quick compilation and preview, you get features like auto-completion of commands, insert citations, organize document in chapters etc. Kile is more than just an editor. You can choose to have multiple collaborators as per your plan. It features a pretty simple plot builder and includes Git sync for no additional cost. It is an IDE tool like Eclipse that provides a complete environment to work on documents and projects. You really have to use Kile to realize its true potential. You do not get private projects if you want to utilize it for free. Papeeria Papeeria is the cheapest LaTeX editor you can find on the Internet — considering it is as reliable as the others.

You get the drunk-completion driver with this Trendy social. The only use you should date Authorea is the parish office. TeXpen TeXpen is yet another unbound tool to go with.

But, if you prefer public projects it lets you work on an unlimited number of projects with numerous collaborators. However, you may not find the user interface impressive. Some people swear by Kile. Overleaf Overleaf is yet another online LaTeX editor.

The only reason you should choose Authorea katex the user interface. If you want someone or a group of people to collaborate on documents you are working on, this is what you need. However, it is not the best out there — when considering the pricing plans. Kile is available for Linux and Windows.

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