Controlling the taste of sperm

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How to make semen taste better?

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Foods such as parsley or celery are mainly water, and this helps to flood out toxins that usually make tge taste bitter or salty. Other foods that have the same effect are lighter vegetables since they offer healthier sugars into your diet. Overall, you should keep in mind that having more water itself is generally helpful for your semen flavor.

In fact, most people do not consume nearly enough water per day. If you don't drink a oof of water, consider seriously changing that habit. You should avoid naturally stinky foods and spices. For example, you may love garlic, but garlic also makes sperm taste bitter or salty. Foods that are known for giving you a lot of bad gas tend to give your semen a bad taste.

For instance, avoid foods such as cabbage or cheese. These will only give you strong smelling semen. Similarly, most foods that are known for giving bad breath are known for being bad for semen taste. This is both good for your health and for your semen taste. In rare cases, a person may discover that they have an allergy to the proteins found in semen: It is important to note that semen can carry sexually transmitted infections STIsso we recommend that you and your partner both get tested for STIs before engaging in fellatio.

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If you or your partner have not been tested, we recommend using a barrier method of birth control for oral sex and abstaining Controkling making contact with ejaculate. What Does It Taste Like? The taste of semen may vary widely. It contains sugars such as fructose, so it may also sometimes have a sweet taste. Some evidence suggest that it is possible to alter or improve the taste of semen through specific diet practices. The primary way of controlling the taste of semen is through diet.

The Varied and Glamour of Health The average sized of semen produced at night is two to five milliliters. So, finished try out naughty foods and see what power it has on your zodiac yourself and also popular your condition with others who may be obliged!.

In a small experiment done by BBC, a researcher asked three different couples to atste in a semen oof test. Each of the three males ate distinct meals that were different from their wperm daily thf intake for two days. On the third day, their partners were asked to sample the semen. Similarly, foods with strong and foul smell such as garlic may tawte your semen taste not very good. So, avoid consuming these foods. And if you are too fond of your fast food burgers, it may be time to rethink. All the chemical present in junk food is only going to make your semen taste bitter.

However, some people have found that there are certain foods that can help make it sweeter and tastier. Cinnamon is especially recommended to make semen taste better. So, incorporate it in your regular diet. Another food that is considered to make it sweeter is pineapple juice. The juice is not only believed to improve the taste of your semen but is also considered to improve its smell. Other foods that are known to make it sweeter and tastier include wheatgrass, parsley, lemon and peppermint. Basically, if you include foods high in natural sugars, your ejaculate is probably going to taste sweeter than usual. So, include plums, kiwis, blueberries and cranberries in your regular diet.

So, get yourself a thorough physical checkup and get treated for any diagnosed or undiagnosed illness. If you are on any medications, these may also make it taste bitter.

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