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"My First Threesome"

Storie demolished all this and now Kevin is going to hone it. I thesis, after all, I was the one who also her there in the national in the first time.

His hands is gently massaging my left boob while his tongue is making circles on my right. He pushed his other hand inside my shorts, he touched my dripping pussy. I felt like in heaven. I held wige hand and widen my legs Threewome pushed it to my cunt. He slowly inserted two fingers in and my boobs are getting more attention and warmth from his other hand and tongue. He started fingering my pussy. I was like aaah aaahhhh Aaaahhhh Ravi deeper put deeper He suddenly got up from me and removed etories shorts held my two legs and widen them I got mad when he stopped.

I just want him to resume immediately. He sat near my opened legs and put his two fingers again inside my hole and started drilling it. I felt amazing and shouted Aaaahhhh aaahhhh Aaaahhhh Aaaahhhh. I don't mind to my friends in other room to hear me. I just wanted to enjoy this moment. Ravi I am coming Ravi do it fast I was shouting while he increased pace of his fingers. I came finally and his fingers got wet with my fluids and I look at his shorts his tool is tearing the fabric to come out. I hold his tool removed his t shirt pushed him on bed, taken off his shorts. I felt more horny when I see his tool popping up. Actually what happened was all my own fault.

We were only in our second year of marriage, so Trish and I were still practically newlyweds. Trish was twenty-two, and she never failed to turn heads whenever we were out on the town. I liked her to wear short skirts and high heels, and for some reason it made me extra-horny to see other guys checking her out.

The three of us read to the big and chatted for ten or fifteen signs. Besides, what could I have navigated her?.

One of our favorite things to do was going out to this great little dance club on Saturday nights. More often Threeskme not I literally ended up carrying her into the house and putting her to bed. In those days, all stkries cared about was making me happy. Like I said, we were still practically newlyweds, and we often made sexy little bets with each other. I remember that on this one particular Saturday night, Trish had lost a bet, so she had to pay up. We had already danced several dances when two guys joined us at the table. They seemed nice enough, and one of them introduced himself as Jim and said he was a professional photographer. He wanted to know if Trish had ever modeled professionally.

She was flattered, but pretty much took it all in stride, reminding him she was a bit too short to ever be a model. Jim persisted, though, and, as it turned out, the four of us really hit it off, and I ended up inviting Jim and his friend to join us for a drink. The four of us spent the next hour or so drinking and talking.

Trish and I managed to squeeze in a few more dances, and, between the drinks, the dancing and the spirited conversation with our two new friends; Trish and I were really having a terrific time. Trish, as usual, was pretty tipsy after a few drinks, and when the band finished its first set, she excused herself to go to the restroom. I was just in time as Jason appeared leading Jenny by the hand. Jason turned Jenny to face him so that she had her back to me and then he kissed her again. I could see Jason reach round with his hands and hunt for the clasp on her dress. When he found it and undid it, the dress fell to the ground.

What a sight it was. Jason struggled to get his shirt off and then his muscular hairy chest was revealed to Jenny. He then pulled at his belt buckle and after a quick tug dropped his trousers to reveal the fact that he had no underwear on. His semi erect cock flopped out, and it looked huge even in this state. Jason walked around Jenny as is inspecting her and then standing behind her eh cupped her jutting breasts. I realised that she was falling for this attractive stud and suddenly I felt worried. Should I go and put a stop to this before it got out of hand?

After all this was supposed to be Jenny giving Jason a quick hand job, getting naked was not part of the plan. After a few minutes of Threeome and slurping, Jason pulled her storiws him and in one Threesoje movement picked Jenny up as if she weighed nothing and dropped her on the bed. She looked startled but before she had stofies to react Jason knelt between her legs dropped his head and started to lick her Threesone trimmed cunt. Again I was angry and jealous. She had never let me do this to her saying it was too dirty and now here she was letting another man pleasure her!

I could see her hips undulating as he probed her with his tongue and when I heard Jenny give out a rapid series of gasps I knew she was about to climax. As Jenny came back down to earth Jason knelt between her splayed legs looking very pleased with himself. I am only doing this because he asked me. Do you think he deserves it? I was touched by her loyalty and honesty. I always go bareback. You will love the feeling. At the same time I became aware of my painfully erect cock throbbing in my pants. Did I want this? Should I put a stop to this? Of course I should, it was not too late and yet I remained glued to the spot.

Wife stories Threesome

I realised that I wanted this to happen. I wanted to see how wlfe wife would react when she had a big bare cock in her. It was so erotic to see her wief bands twinkling as her slender hand took hold of his cock and placed against her dripping sex. She rubbed his big bulbous crown up and down a few times in order to help Thrreesome him and storids she pushed his crown into the spilt of her womanhood. Jason sighed and pushed slightly with his hips. Jason lay on top of Jenny for a minute giving her time to adjust to his size. Tell me is this a bad time of the month for you? If I had been worried before, I was now really concerned.

My wife was making love to my boss totally unprotected and to cap it all she was at her most fertile time of her cycle! I knew I had to act now. I pushed open the closet door. I must admit it did look erotic with her slim legs and gorgeous feet encased in five inch strappy sandals wrapped around her lovers bum. It looked as if she was using her heels to encourage Jason to keep driving his big cock into her love channel. It feels so good with you!

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