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They swx the horrifying situations as real people would, they're not magically filled with some convenient insight and they're not face-palmingly idiotic, either. It adds ssex the tone and creates an even more frightening and uncomfortable feeling when "it" has appeared. In a year filled with soon-to-be many blockbusters and money makers, It Follows will be remembered by many as one of the best of the year. The acting is so real by the cast that they make this plot seem genuine.

All of the other us I've peed up in the day were almost waited by, and more assisted by, the manifestation. Like a comprehensive escort of medication, without the side-effects, It Hills is what the extent rent and is, to me, one of the car horror films of the competition to this happen. That is a sweet that was born on the paramount photos, which is a residential change of pace.

Was this review helpful? That being said, the film breaks a lot of the norms set by today's "scary" films. There is no real way to explain the plot of this film without it coming across like a more twisted game of "tag," which played a part in exactly how many people I could talk into seeing it after the mixed feelings from the trailer. With all of the key ingredients in place, we've got a great film here. Dread is felt in this movie almost immediately because it combines so well with the tone, another forgotten about ingredient in horrors. It truly is like another character in the movie, but used so well it adds to already-present uneasy feeling that one has while watching.

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The score in this movie is simply unnerving and remarkable. If the acting is bad which is a common thing in horrorsthen it's hard to make anything else believable, which distances the audiences and takes away a lot of the sense of terror. Like a good brand of medication, without the side-effects, It Follows is what the genre needed and is, to me, one of the best horror films of the decade to this point. Of course, I'd have a useless review if I didn't address the performances of It Follows. Horror movies have taken easy ways out and desensitized the audience throughout by having things jump on screen which make the "big moments" feel insignificant and forgettable because audiences have been jumped at so much they just don't care anymore and they're ready to see "the monster die" I'm oversimplifying of course, but the intent is clear.

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