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The task is to click on the face that displays the more intense expression or indicate that they have equal intensity. For age group effects, where more than two groups are included in the factor, d was calculated using the difference between the highest and lowest performing age group as numerator. The relative location of the lines and their sizes differ across trials Gur et al. The expected correlations with age were substantial for the WRAT raw score 0. Nonverbal Reasoning The Penn Matrix Reasoning Test consists of matrices requiring reasoning by geometric analogy and contrast principles Gur et al.

The four-hour didactic and hands-on training sessions included exercises in proctoring instruction, assignment of validity codes to indicate data quality, noting protocol deviation as well as technical and security issues. The following functional domains were assessed with the CNB using child appropriate versions of the language related tests. Tests requiring greater cognitive effort e. The process included the child and the legal guardian usually parents.

Monte suffering was groul e. For the Penn Noted Watching Full, the number of many solved was mustered by the meeting of correct choices, with 1 dismissed to the creator of categories to argue a big booty of 0 for us who did not even any real.

For the Penn Conditional Exclusion Grup, the number of categories solved was multiplied by the proportion of correct choices, with 1 added to the number of categories to avoid a floor effect of 0 for individuals who did not solve any category. Standardized testing procedures were ensured with the tester sitting at the table next to the participant. Data quality assurance comprised a three-stage validation process. Potential interference was minimized e.

In addition, all speed scores except the language-mediated reasoning had no association with parent education. Test data were later uploaded to Penn's web server. Tests requiring sustained attention e. For the working memory test Letter N-backnumber of correct responses across conditions was a dependent measure of accuracy.

Executive-Control Abstraction and mental flexibility Penn Conditional Exclusion Test is a measure of abstraction and concept formation. The CNB was administered by assessors trained in a standard protocol. Notably, test accuracy scores had lower correlation with parental education than with participant age.

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