Gardasil leads to unsafe sex

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No evidence that HPV vaccination leads to sexual risk compensation

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An October study in the journal Pediatrics found that getting the HPV vaccine at the recommended age was not associated with increased sexual activity rates. The study found that girls who received the HPV vaccine were not more likely to get pregnancy tests, a diagnosis of a sexually transmitted disease, or counseling about contraceptives. The vaccine is not about stopping a sexually transmitted infection. Similarly, another study found that women who received the HPV vaccine did not have an increased risk for sexually transmitted infections compared to women who did not receive the vaccine.

The HPV vaccine has terrible side effects Fact: Hillman has heard concerns from worried parents before. If the vaccine did encourage girls to have riskier sex, one would expect the infection rate in the vaccinated group to increase much more quickly than in the unvaccinated group.

Sex Gardasil leads to unsafe

Bednarczyk, an assistant professor at Emory University, said HPV vaccinations have been a concern for parents of younger children who are not yet sexually active. He said doctors have been less willing to recommend the HPV vaccine compared to other vaccines because doing so brings up a discussion about sex. Bednarczyk, who wrote an editorial published alongside the study, asked if providers worry about discussing how pertussis or whooping cough is transmitted when they give kids a Tdap booster shot. He also hopes it will encourage them to endorse the vaccine. The popular awareness of HPV may also be lower than of some other risks associated with sex.

Moreover, there will be a considerable time lag between receiving the HPV vaccine and deciding for or against risky sex, which could make a cognitive risk assessment less relevant than in a context of, say, a road safety intervention where the experience of the intervention and its targeted risk are simultaneous. For those who are vaccinated against HPV before puberty, the time lag will in most cases be several years. So, is the question regarding HPV vaccination and sexual risk compensation solved? Although 20 studies all point in the same direction, 20 there are still some issues left to address.

First, more large-scale longitudinal studies are needed.

Most of the studies Gzrdasil so far are cross-sectional, which limits the possibility to address causal leavs. Second, leade are important parts of the HPV vaccine eligible population that have not yet been investigated because the HPV vaccine is relatively new. The HPV vaccine is most efficient if given before sexual debut, hence pre-adolescent girls, typically aged 10—13, are the prime targets of most vaccination programs. The earliest HPV vaccination programs were introduced inand the first mass-vaccinated birth cohorts of girls who received the HPV vaccine as pre-adolescents were born in the latter half of the s.

Many of these girls are now reaching the age when they will experience sexual debut and acquire new sexual partners. Studies on sexual risk compensation are needed in this large group of girls who were offered routine vaccination against HPV as pre-adolescents.

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Moreover, the HPV vaccine has also been licensed for boys, and some countries have recently included boys into their HPV vaccination programs. Studies on HPV vaccination and sexual risk compensation among boys are also needed. Since the HPV vaccine is a relatively new invention, research on its effects must continue. A decade since the licensure of the first HPV vaccine, its population-level effects look very promising, both in terms of efficiency 23 and safety. Parental attitudes to pre-pubertal HPV vaccination. Fears that HPV vaccination will lead to adolescent sexual activity are linked to lower parental acceptance of the vaccine, [ 78 ] and possibly to lower vaccine coverage.

However, very few studies have directly examined the relation of HPV vaccination to sexual attitudes and behavior among young girls and adolescents in the US. A handful of reports have not found evidence of a link between HPV vaccination and more permissive sexual attitudes [ 9 ] or behavior among adolescent girls and young women in the United States [ 1011 ]. Therefore, additional work is needed to understand whether the HPV vaccine consistently lacks an association with risky sexual behavior, especially among diverse samples of women, and also to better understand the chronology of HPV vaccination and sexual behavior.

Thus the aim of the current study is to investigate a when HPV vaccination occurred in relation to onset of sexual activity among a sample of female community college students, and b whether HPV vaccination status is associated with sexual behavior among these young women. Method Participants and Recruitment Data for the current study were collected as part of a larger project. Additional details about study methods are described in Marchand et al. Participants were recruited from the campus of a community college in central Los Angeles with total enrollment of 15, All female students between 18 and 26 years of age were eligible to participate in the study.

The research team recruited participants in person and with posted fliers, class announcements, and word of mouth.

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