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Konan was finally getting used to the violent fucking she was receiving when she felt another pair of hands snake around her chest and grip her large heaving bosom before she felt another massive prick spreading her ass cheeks apart, and could do nothing but scream in pain and pleasure as her holes were repeatedly mutilated by the massive fourteen inch cocks spearing into them. She was brutally fucked by the two Naruto's for a full ten minutes as they sawed into her most precious holes before they both stopped, she was left no time to wonder why as liters of cum rushed into them both, so much in fact that after filling up her womb and bowels that they were over flown and the cum seeped out all over her legs, their dicks and the ground below them, with so much cum pouring through her she was forced into an earth shattering orgasm and blacked out.

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When Konan awoke five minutes later clck was confused as to why her mouth was full and had trouble breathing, cocl her eyes she was greeted to the site of one of the Naruto's squatted over her head while she lay flat on her back on the ground sliding his giant dick down her throat and back up, looking down further she could see another monstrous cock sliding in and out of her tits causing them to wobble around wildly once again, her musings were interrupted a few moments later by the Naruto squatting over her. The Naruto above her suddenly disappeared but not before smearing his leftover cum all over her face.

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