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Braille Scarification; "Touch me"

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These regions fail at fine discriminative touch because they are poorly endowed with the shallow touch sensors, most notably the Merkel disks. The cortical sensory representation of genitalia in women and men: The lips and tongue, by virtue of having a high density of Merkel endings, have superb spatial resolution and hence can be used to read Braille.

But the primary somatosensory cortex is completely unresponsive to this sexual kind of sensitivity, as a recent research review stresses: But the researchers did not probe penile tactile acuity. According to Cormier, an "updated version grants the male member its due precedence. The two-point discrimination threshold on her labia minora was approximately 7 m millimeters. This bizarre finding prompted the publication of a multitude of papers suggesting that foot fetishism - and the erotic appeal of feet in general - might be brought about by that inexplicable anatomical proximity. It does reflect the spatial resolution of the sensitivity of its corresponding body parts.

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Whereas the first kind of sensation braille affective, the second is cognitive. Anyway, this episode should remind us that we know a lot less about the elementary functions of our brain than we might think, and a lot of the things we do know might be wrong. The above mentioned paper in the "Journal of Neuroscience", though, meticulously put this suspect localization to to the test - and finally relocated the penis right where it intuitively belongs - between the trunk and the legs. If you prick the respective organ at two nearby locations and the individual is still able to recognize the two touches as distinct, resolution is high, which shows up as a LARGE representation.

Penis with Reading braille

Your genitals are extremely sensitive in a different sense. In her book "Sex, drugs, and barille 'n' roll: This is a standard technique for mapping the skin and is called a two-point discrimination threshold test. Update at the bottom of the text: It is a blog post about the representation of the penis in the brain, depicting the same magnified member you find in the book: And for sure it does not depict the big one that Cormier presents in her book. He located the cortical representation of the penis straight beneath that of the feet.

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