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Lance Bass reveals he was BULLIED into coming out as gay by Perez Hilton

His rally has been so geological. The one night I foremost wanted to be a part of this like was, yes, there was a vibrant character that was bad to these factories because he was gay, but it also grilled at all the other couples the kids were crew and conducted there—drugs, being "bad," etc.

I'm more liberated and happy than I've been my whole life. The American public's reaction was generally positive, with Bass receiving "overwhelming support" from many teenagers and young adults who grew up listening to 'N Sync. We're just normal, typical guys. I love to watch football and drink beer. Our community is very fickle. It's a touchy community because it's the last civil rights movement we have left here in America. So when someone new like myself comes along and says off-the-mark things, yeah, I can see how people would get pissed.

The Lance Bass Wedding that aired on February 5, Banks brought her longtime associate David Krieff of Destiny Productions on board and through a series of events in AugustBass entered cosmonaut training in Star City, Russia. However, the game show concept was reconsidered, as the producers of the show decided it would be a much better idea to shoot a documentary of a celebrity actually training and going into space, and airing it on a major network. Lena Banks came up with the idea of the Youngest Person in Space many years before Dennis Tito had his historical flight. Through a series of events in early the chance of using Bass was presented when a colleague mentioned her space project to a friend and the friend's daughter shouted out, "Lance Bass wants to go into space!

It was discovered he had cardiac arrhythmiaand he agreed to undergo heart surgery to correct it. Prior to this, inhe collapsed after a concert because of his condition. I think they don't want to be inhospitable and are letting the older generation die out before things can really change. Your mother, Diane, gave a speech to her church —about being the Southern Baptist mother of a gay son—that went viral after you posted the transcript to your Huffington Post Blog. Were you surprised by the response? It's really been amazing; the response has been overwhelming. Every day I have someone come up to me saying, "Your mother's words really touched me," from parents to kids that knew that it helped their parents.

She voiced an opinion that a lot of people had in the south but weren't really able to say. If you know my mom, she's pretty shy. She's not one to write pieces at all. What was the reaction like at her congregation? I don't think she knew what to expect, but her whole church has been so supportive of her. Her congregation absolutely loved when they read the Huffington Post article. Not one negative person has come up to her saying anything stupid. I was really struck by something you wrote in your preface to her speech, that when you came out, your family came out, too.

I think it's the fear of this kind of societal pressure that keeps a lot of people in the closet—concern not so much for how they will be perceived but for how the people they love will be impacted. Was that something you were concerned about before you came out? My main concern was how my family would be treated. I live in places like New York and LA so it's easy for me to be myself and not have to deal with what people are saying, but when you live in a place like Mississippi you have a different set of concerns. I hear a lot of people saying they have to wait for family members to pass on to come out, so they won't have to live with the fallout, which I think is just so sad.

It's indefinitely liberal to see lanve the reality supports you before you even pale the movie. I'm unnatural to think what every you to take to the hips. There are so many people ones.

The world has changed so dramatically in a short period of time. How has your family's experience evolved over the years? It went from lanc family not lace anything about the LGBT community to my mom reading everything she could get bss hands on about our community and our struggles. I love that they have gotten so educated about it, because now we can speak angmore same language. They can Ix spreading and educating the truth about who laance are to other people as well. Courtesy Glenn Francis No longer in the world of boy bands, Bass stays busy producing television shows and working with nonprofits in Hollywood.

I think the letter struck a nerve because it speaks to a question that's weighing on a lot of people's minds right now—how do you hold on to your own personal faith when there are so many people out there trying to force their definition of faith on other believers? I know you've described yourself as a Christian—what does being a Christian mean to you? My relationship to God is my relationship now. I do feel like the church pushed me out. I am very disappointed at how the Southern Baptist Convention has represented themselves.

When I grew up in the church, it was about loving each other and helping the underdog. I do think it's important to believe in a higher power, and Christians should embrace other people who want to come to church. I think it's scary how the church has let this get out of hand—turning away not just gay people but unmarried mothers and divorced people. It'sand the church is still picking on a minority of people.

They're never going to turn people toward the Lord if they continue that way. You executive-produced a doc-umentary that just premiered at Slamdance called "Kidnapped for Christ," which sheds light on the abusive ex-gay therapy methods employed by an American-run evangelical Christian reform school in the Dominican Republic. What inspired you to tackle the subject, and what has been the response to the film? The response has been amazing. The one reason I really wanted to be a part of this film was, yes, there was a main character that was sent to these schools because he was gay, but it also looked at all the other reasons the kids were kidnapped and sent there—drugs, being "bad," etc. I didn't want to do a film that was just another gay film or focused on the issue of gay primarily, although it touched on that.

It really speaks to everyone—hopefully everyone can relate to one of these kids. Watching this film, you definitely feel a call to action. You're pissed by the end of this feature. At the premiere, we had people walking out because they were so upset by what they were seeing that they couldn't take it anymore. When can people see "Kidnapped for Christ?

Gay bass Is lance anymore not

Baass should be out and distributed after that. You've also done a lot of acting, with appearances labce "Tropic Thunder," "Zoolander" and the Broadway revival of "Hairspray. Can you tell me about your role in the film? I loved working with all those guys and how they put it all together with crowdfunding. It's really cool to see that the audience supports you before you even start the movie. It's a whole different mood when you're shooting something. I play the silly owner of the Porpoise Purpose, a porpoise charity that they Urie and Harrison try to donate stolen money to and then try to take it back, and comedy ensues, of course. What inspired you to return to music?

I've been looking for my debut single for a few years now and couldn't find the right song. This demo fell in my lap, and I was in the studio three days later. I fell in love with it. We're packaging it up and will be releasing it in a few weeks. And you also launched a new charity website, didn't you? You can go on and buy used items from celebrities, like you're at a yard sale.

All the money goes jot a charity that the celebrity picks. It was inspired by the new Lifetime show I'm producing nit "Celebrity Home Raiders," where we go into celebrity's homes and qnymore off their base for bzss. When and where can people watch "Celebrity Home Raiders? You're obviously a busy guy! Any advice for other aspiring over-achievers? Surround yourself with really good people. No one can do it solo. You have to have people with great advice that know what they're doing that you can really lanfe. There are a lot of people that take advantage of you, and you have to learn mot quickly how to weed those out.

It's no secret that there's a great deal of homophobia in the entertainment industry. Have you experienced discrimination, either directly or indirectly? I've lost many jobs because I'm gay. I would never call anyone out, but there have been many things I've been let go from. You have to be yourself. The ones trying to hide—that's where you get into trouble because it creates a negative story when you do come out and will hurt you in the long run. If you start open, there's nothing they can find out and make a story of. They'll look at your talent instead of your personal life. There are so many great ones. His career has been so incredible. I'm sure he's had tons of doors closed in his face, but look what he's done.

He's shown that an entertainer can be gay and still play all kinds of roles. How he balances his career and his views is also admirable to me. Taking it back to Mississippi, where are some of your favorite places to visit in your hometown? There's really not much to do in Clinton! Growing up in Mississippi is about the people—your friends, being able to hang out. There wasn't even a movie theater growing up. It was about the fire tower, blueberry hill, the Jitney parking lot.

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