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Thank you to all of the Black lactation consultants out there!

And thank you to all of the shwoing who want to breastfeed: We shoiwng here to support you. There is a village and we welcome you with open showinh. In fact, she has a book called Breastfeeding Goddesses. While the breastfeeding pictures in it are decidedly ethereal, this one—recently shared on Instagram —is simple and real, and just as lovely. It's really, really hard. So mama, you're hearing it from me, you're not going crazy, it is hard, but you're doing good. There's a rumor going around that it gets easier. This gorgeous shot of three generations was shared on Instagram with an important message: Her spouse was deployed at the time, and her photographer was the only person with her during delivery.

I produced just enough to feed both of them. If they needed more, my body produced more," this mom posted to Instagram.

Tits Mothers showing

I think the longest I have lasted is about 20 hours without feeding. Baby Maya was diagnosed with a severe tongue and lip tie that made latching difficult, but thanks to an operation, Maya became able to breastfeed—a "massive accomplishment" for both mom and baby. Mothers showing tits when the first-time mom went to nurse her baby while out to dinner with her parents, her father grabbed a cloth and shoved it at her, telling her to cover up. Her brave response to being "humiliated" and "shamed" was to post this powerful image on Instagram. Barcroft Media 25 Chinese Mothers Raise Breastfeeding Awareness Nearly a hundred young mothers participated in a nurse-in in Xiangyang, China with the goal of raising awareness about breastfeeding, advocating for the establishment of maternal and infant rooms in public places and creating a loving social atmosphere for both babies and mothers.

That is one of the lowest rates worldwide," this British breastfeeding mom says in an Instagram post. My own experiences have been really up and down, with government cutting funding to breastfeeding support groups. Luckily there is a great bunch of mums online supporting mums who choose to breastfeed exclusively. Somewhere along the lines of modernisation and struggling with our own social and cultural hindrances, breastfeeding got surrounded by misinformation and moral policing," this breastfeeding mom says. I feel more like a woman, I get more attention. I feel more sexy. I don't think I'm ugly and I'm not embarrassed to walk down the street.

She has booked herself in for a breast consultation in Brussels later this year and plans to triple her current size. Sindy started her Instagram page back in March this year — and she has already amassed an impressive following. That's the trick,' Sindy said. It's really only nice comments I get all the time. It's a real hallelujah moment in my comment section. You know, how many of them will be willing to pay to see my new boobs? Some laugh, some point, some whisper and talk.

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Some look at me in admiration. I want sowing look the way I look and no-one can tell me otherwise. I am following my dreams and my heart. But I've taken one day at a time. It doesn't make any difference. Sindy admits she usually spends around two hours getting ready to leave the house every day She has booked herself in for a breast consultation in Brussels later this year and plans to triple her current size 'I've told my son what I do and what I plan on doing.

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