Removing latex paint off a deck

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How to Strip Old Paint Off of Decks

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Many products claim you can just soak it and just wash it away with a hose, which sometimes works, but usually a lot of scraping of the softened paint is required. Most do work eventually, but I have found the "Green" ones typically take many coats and don't normally lift it very well.

The ones that really break the bod with the wood tend to have panit organic solvents and caustic in them. The stripper will allow you ooff scrape the softened paint off, then finish up after dry with spot sanding for what did not come off. May take several applications for a multi-layer paint coated deck. If it is really peeling badly so it is not really bonded to the wood, careful pressure washing with a diffuse nozzle NOT a tight jet helped along with a moderately sharp paint scraper or ice scraper can take the bulk of it off, leaving just a little to scrape by hand or by abrrasive pad. The biggest problem with pressure washing is that it will not take of aqdhered paint without gouging the wood, and you have to work in a strict parallel-with-the-grain motion or you will leave streaks and cross-cut grain that will show through finishes.

It also raises the grain paintt lot, especially if you are working "against" the grain, so you usually have to belt sand it after pressure washing Removimg smooth the surface. The coarse pad-type abrasive paint removers can work good too - I had a neighbor do an entire deck about square feet in one weekend, but doing more than post-stripping finish removal is really hard onthe old bod. Rinse and Neutralize Wash the deck with clean water either from a hose or a pressure washer. This will remove both the remaining bits of paint and any residue from the paint stripper.

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Pressure washers Removung not usually recommended for use on old wood decks because the wood is easily damaged. However, if you choose to use a power washer, keep the nozzle tip at least 9 to 12 inches away from the wood painh avoid gouging. If you want to brighten the wood with a bleaching agent, neutralize the wood after stripping by applying a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Never mix any chemical products such as strippers and bleaches because dangerous reactions may occur. Sanding and New Finish Preparation Allow the wood to fully dry and then sand the deck with fine-grit sandpaper, such as or grit to remove fine specks of paint and to smooth the wood in preparation for a new coat of finish.

Preparation Prior to removing the old paint from your deck, remove all furniture and cover nearby vegetation with plastic sheeting. Sweep the deck with a push broom to remove leaves, dirt and other debris. Applying Paint Stripper When choosing a chemical stripper for your deck, avoid products containing methylene chloride.

Latex paint a deck off Removing

Although these work fast, they are extremely powerful and should only be used by professionals. The laetx toxic strippers to use are limonene-based strippers. To begin stripping paint from the deck, start in one corner of the deck opposite your exit point. Apply the stripper to a small section of the wood with a nylon brush or roller.

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