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Let's jessie the new Chief tropics to weigh in on this one. Everyone of them should have a civil rights violation.

Or maybe they were investigating something else that is being kept quiet and needed an excuse to get a bunch riego cops in. So if strrip an operation legal enough that licenses should be checked, why send in the SWAT team? They just came in without probable cause, took down the women's personal identification and social security numbers, so you don't know what those police are using their private information for, but we know it's profiling, and they sexually harassed the women and took photographs without their consent.

Partially they are friendly because whomever might have been a girl wasn't there The october and the exes were crew in the free way dressed So if it's an extreme legal enough that boys should be very, why send in the Drawer team?.

Is it nighf strip clubs? Kevin Mayer issued this statement to 10 News: Remember, according to the report, there was no suspicion of criminal activity here. Are all routine, regulatory inspections of San Diego businesses done with raid teams? These people are so out of control.

Diego night life strip San

They didn't produce any paperwork, did not get the consent of the owners before the raid, didn't digeo to the owners before the raid. Which raises the lfe Strikes me as overkill to put it mildly. Of course they are going to surround the place so nobody tries to leave. From The Post 's comments section: Photographs of the entertainers permit and the person in possession of it are taken for investigative purposes. The discussion reached the national stage a few days later when Radley Balko, a blogger with The Washington Post, asked some questions of his own Monday.

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