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When Israeli lawyer Roy meets Palestinian student Nimer in a Tel Aviv gay bar erotic sparks are inevitable for both are personable and eager to improve their stations in life. Before he emigrated to the United States, silent film legend Ernst Lubitsch directed this scathing—and very funny—satire on the excesses of American capitalism. In the spirit of Tunnel Vision and Kentucky Fried Movie comes yet another film composed of unrelated skits tied together by the barest of plots. After being wrongfully convicted and sentenced to prison Travis undergoes a complete change of heart, discarding his capitalist credo in favour of a more humanitarian approach to life.

What little story there is revolves around a seasoned anchorman trying to resist the growing corporate influence on his nightly newscast.

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Gianf Four tours in Afghanistan have damaged something inside Rodney, filling him with rage and a desire to run as far away from his childhood home as possible. Karl Malden plays a priest on a mission to rid the waterfront of corruption. The Orphanage Spain 7: Considered by many to be a semi-autobiographical work, "Orpheus" examines both the inner workings of an artistic mind as well as the societal pressures exerted upon it. With one son in a gang and another seized by social services it takes a horrible tragedy to jar Beth out of her helpless stupor In his previous films, Day of Wrath and The Passion of Joan of Arc both reviewed here Carl Dreyer used bold widescreen imagery to explore how religious zeal carries within it the propensity to inflict pain and despair.

Tears, self-sacrifice, and one terrible caveat ensue.

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