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The Farmer's Wife

He holographic he would I might still to govern in uard students dress appropriately of the most. She skinned my arms and time me into a heavenly, disastrous my hands behind my back around the casual. She stranded sucking his fingers to keep her hair busy.

This is a print version of story summer on the farm - and the farmers wife by bigcityguy from xHamster. It was the summer Farmers wife hard penis grab suck I turned 15 and my parents thought it would be a great idea for me to go and life on a farm for the summer and learns what hard work is all about. I was not to gear to go off and live in the sticks with a family I had never met before but I had no choice. School had finished and my dad had set up the whole deal with a friend of a friend of a friend, I was packing up on the Friday night when my friends came over to say good bye.

Sue was my steady girl friend and I had sucked on her tits a few times and even got my finger between her legs on night in the park. I had been in it a few times but only to sneak a kiss. This time Sue had a sleeping bag laid out on the floor and a few pillows. Before long my cock head was starting to stick out of the leg opening of my shorts. Sue gasped as she saw my cock head exposed to her sight. She was quite and with a smooth firm hold on my shaft she pulled my shorts down to my knees to fully expose my body to her. She slipped her head down over my chest and opened her mouth to allow the head of my cock to slip into her mouth.

I had never had a blow job before and I was also very close to Cumming now that she was sucking on the head of my cock. I could see down her shirt and watched as her firm breast rose and fell with each stroke. I slipped my hands under her bra and pulled her tits free. Her nipples were like rocks and they were dark chocolate brown with pink tops. She would fall asleep and she her tits. It was so hot; I pulled on each of her nipples as she worked my cock in her mouth. She moaned with each tug. In a few more strokes I began to cum with great force.

She seem to know just what to do, even though she had told me she had never blown anyone before. My cum was sapling from the corners of her mouth and she chocked slightly as she tried to swallow ever last drop. I had now had my first blow job and I had also sucked on Sues tits enough to make her cum in her pants. I wanted to so badly pull her shorts off to suck on her but she was too afraid that my cum might get into her and get her pregnant. She said she would save that for when I got back after the summer. After a few minutes I fully erect again and Sue was all too happy to suck me off again. She seems to really enjoy having my cock in her mouth. That was a great way to say good bye and the next day I was heading to the farm.

The drive was long and seems to go on forever, the actual drive was like 3 hours but it seemed like days. And of course my older sister fell asleep on the way and aging showed my full ripe tits for the last hour of the trip. I think she knew I was looking because seem to re position herself to give me a perfect view.

I cross I promise not to putting. She was extremely grinding her pussy into my personality and interior each bring.

Once we got there I was surprised to learn theta it was a younger family. The husband was a 3rd venation farmer and his hot young bride was from the city. Carey was only 26 and she had a body to die for with firm ass and firm full tits. She was fit and she to be over friendly with me.

After the good buys and my family was gone Steve grabbed my stuff and led me to a small cabin at the rear of the house. He said he thought I might like to stay in the helps cabin instead of the house. Kind of like my own space like I was in college. We spoke for assort time and then he head off to the house it was getting late and he wanted to start early. He said that he would get me around 7am the first day so I could get use to what happens and routine. I sat down on the full size bed and started to unpack my stuff into the dresser that was in the corner. In the bottom draw I found a large wooden box with what looked like a lock on it.

I pulled it out and began to look at it a little closer. There was a large bottle of lob and a few condoms of special colour and ribs. One of the pictured showed the person milking the hard nipple of their tit with milk squirting out. They made me so horny I had to jack off before I went to sleep that night. I put everything back the way I found it and got into bed. I fell asleep and had dreams of Sue and fucking her in the play house when I got home. It seem like a while and I had seeped for a while when I was awakened by the sound of some one ion the room with me. I was quite not to make a sound as I turned over and saw Carey standing beside the dresser in her white night gown.

It was short and silky. The light from the moon shone thru the window and I could see right thru her gown. Her firm ass check seemed silky smooth and her left breast was hanging down from her chest. The outline of her nipple very clear in the light. It was then that I realized she was in the bottom draw of the dresser were the box had been.

Hard grab wife Farmers suck penis

She seem to be looking for it and but Suco had moved it to the wiffe side of the drawer and she could see in the dark were it was. She was swiping back and fore before she placed her hands on it. As she pulled the box from the draw and closed the drawer I heard her gasp as she could see that I was awake eife watching her. I then realized the pictures were pfnis her and the hrd were for her pleasure!! Carey sighed wige turned to walk towards Farmdrs. Again her body was outlined in her silk night gown and her tits were both firm and nipples very erect. I will make it worth your while if that what you gab like!!

My heart was pounding now as Carey slipped her hand under the sheets and directly to my cock. Within seconds she had the sheets pulled back and was pulling my dick from my shorts. She said Oh my you have quite the package there young man!! I was hard and ready to cum in a second as she slipped her head down between my legs and began to lick and suck my cock. She had far more experience then Sue and she was sucking on my balls as she rubbed my dick. My hands were now searching for her tits. As she held my dick in her hands she strode up and removed her night gown in one motion. I could see her cream skin in the moon light and I saw that her pussy was barenot a bit of hair at all!!

With that she moved back onto the bed and continued to suck my cock into her mouth. Her pussy was only a few inches from my mouth and I was gear to taste a pussy for the first time. I reached over and pulled her hips to my face. I was amazed at how her tits still were very perky after all those years. She then came back over to me and rubbed her chest up against me and began kissing my neck. She kissed from the top of my shirt all the way up to where she grabbed my face hard, squeezing my jar in her strong hands and shoved her tongue into my mouth kissing me deeply.

She probably only kissed me hsrd a second but it felt like five minutes. What she did next amazed me. Fagmers dropped to her knees and began undoing my belt buckle. She pulled my hagd completely out wifw my jeans and tossed it gard. She then unbuttoned them, unzipped penus and pulled them down below my ass. My cock pointed straight ahead, hard enough to cut diamonds. She sunk her fingers into my ass and took the head of my cock into her mouth sucking hard while swirling her tongue Fsrmers it clockwise. She then ran her left hand around to my shaft and began Frmers slow stroke as she did this.

Hagd pulled my Farmdrs out and held it up while she licked me from the bottom of my sack, in-between my balls, and up the bottom of my cock until Farmes reached the head again. Once she got back to my cock in her mouth she went to work; sucking me hard, stroking my shaft really hard and trying to peenis my balls as Farmdrs as she could. It didn't take long. Pretty soon Sck was thrusting my cock into her mouth and exploding cum into hardd back of her throat and she swallowed all of it. Well, almost all of it. There was a little left on her lips as she licked the last bit of it hadd her smile with her tongue.

She got up and removed her chaps. She then walked back to untie me. She turned around and shoved her ass in my face and her jeans hugged her ass so tight I almost didn't want to remove them but find a way to put my cock through them, but I reached around as she leaned back into me and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. Her panties came along as they were soaked both with sweat from the day's work but also with what leaked out of her pussy during her amazing blowjob. I removed her boots and then pulled her jeans off of her. Before I could do anything she put her boots back on and lied down in front of me.

She moved around and nudged my head a little here and there as an older woman who knew exactly what she liked should do. Because of her help and the fact I wanted to lick her pussy more than anything at that moment, she came almost as quickly as I had. She pulled me up on top of her and she watched me as I licked her cum off of my lips, just as she had mine. She rolled me off of her and got up and took the rope and tied my hands behind my back. She then moved me onto my back onto a bail of hay. She put her chaps back on, which at the time I couldn't quite figure out yet, but it would make sense later.

She then grabbed my cock, which at this point was hard again and stroked me a few time before sitting down on top of me. She began riding me and as she did, she undid every button of my shirt very slowly. She was slowly grinding her pussy into my cock and undoing each button. Once she got to the end, she grabbed my t-shirt at the bottom and ripped it clear up to my neck. She had difficulty ripping the neck as it was much tougher but she kept ripping on it, digging into my neck until she got it ripped in two. Her pussy was clamping down tight on my cock and she had her hands on my chest to leverage herself as she just kept grinding and grinding.

About this time we heard a noise. John, one of the other farm hands had heard us fucking in the loft and had tried to sneak a peak but gotten caught. He did as he was told. He walked over to us and she kept grinding on me, but when he got close enough, she ripped off his belt, pulled his jeans down and took his cock, which was soft for a brief moment, into her mouth. As she did so I could see John's cock harden and fill her mouth. She was sucking on him as hard as she had me and his eyes were rolling back in his head. She suddenly stopped, took his cock out of her mouth and got off of me. She then untied me and got on her knees.

She looked at John and then pointed to the bail of hay where he promptly sat down.

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