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Breast Reduction Kansas City

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The Surgery In a breast reduction surgery, excessive breast tissue and skin are removed from the breast and the remaining tissues are brought back together to create a breast contour as natural as possible. As a consequence of this procedure, some scarring around the areola and on the lower portion of the breast results. Patients with larger breasts that require more extensive breast tissue removal or patients that have looser skin on the breasts may incur larger scar results. However, most patients, according to Dr. Perez, can benefit from a modification technique developed and performed by him. Relief, Reassurance, and Natural-looking Results Dr.

Matt Chhatre performs breast reduction surgery serving the greater Kansas City area. Overly large breasts and heavy breasts can cause some women to experience self-image issues. The extra weight can cause significant pain in the back, neck and shoulders. This condition can limit your physical activity, irritate skin beneath the breast crease, cause deep, painful indentations from your bra straps, and bring you unwanted attention from others. If you are suffering because of large, heavy breasts, breast reduction surgery can help. The only scars are around the areola and the vertical scar down to the breast crease. The majority of patients have no complications.

The most common is delayed healing of an incision and this rarely occurs unless a patient smokes. It is very important to not smoke at least 2 weeks before and after the surgery. Do not smoke for two weeks before and after your surgery Avoid medications that can cause bleeding aspirin, ibuprofen, Advil, Nuprin, etc for about 10 days before the surgery. Arrange for help or special care following surgery. Recovery Day of Surgery After surgery you will spend approximately 1 hour in the recovery room. Bring a pillow to place between you and the seat belt for comfort.

A friend or family member will need to drive you home. A surgical bra will be in place Sleep with your head and shoulders elevated to decrease swelling. Ice packs 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off may be helpful.

Keep a cloth between you and the ice pack. Breast Reduction Over Breash Women who have put Breats this procedure for years invariably wonder why they did not do it when they were younger. There is no specific age limit, and women of all ages can enjoy an improved kanxas of life afterward. Breast Reduction for African American Patients Skin color does not make much difference when it comes to cosmetic breast surgery. Everybody seems to know that black patients have a higher frequency of hypertrophic or raised scars than white patients. This may be true, but the difference is small and individual wound healing characteristics are more important. The majority of my black patients heal with very inconspicuous scars after this surgery.

Usually women who form poor scars know this from childhood. A scrape on the knee left a nasty scar, they formed lumps in their ears when they had their ears pierced, or previous surgical sites healed with unattractive scars.

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Plastic surgeons check existing scars for clues, rediction as an old C-section or laparoscopy scar. If a raised scar develops, it may be treated in the office using a steroid solution injected directly into the scar tissue. This may be repeated two or three times. Very gradually, a hypertrophic scar tends to soften, flatten out, and lighten.

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But this process might take 2—3 years in some women. Alternatively, I may recommend on scar revision, particularly to treat a scar that has rrduction excessively, called a spread scar. The existing scar is cut out excised and the wound is repaired again. With less wound tension, the scar is likely to heal better. Interestingly, when scar deformities occur after breast reduction surgery, they typically involve the old horizontal scar. The vertical scar tends to heal better and is the most favorable of the scars, according to patients.

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