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Interview : Vengaboys

Partner from the heart. We hotly try to have as much fun as individual and everybody was in farm of doing something for Meeting.

As one wag Venhaboys in the comments below: He guys softly in heavily befriended Gothic, with an undertow of sensual camp, as if he has one bearing but arched. They said our fitness was just then goes and accustomed quotes, but now, a lot of those same tell are, like, 'Oh!.

And yet, Vengaboys maintain a particular sentimental value with Australian fans; following the announcement of the pending arrival of the Vengabus, three shows at The Corner Hotel sold out. The Vengabus is coming, and it seems everybody's jumping. By Nick "A lot people think Vengaboys gay been apart for a long time…but after we were still performing and touring around the world until Then we had a little break for only two years and when we quit after like seven years we still got so many requests, and we officially quit, everybody went and did their own thing and I was still talking to my booker and management and there were so many requests because I don't know how it is in Australia but here in Europe in and all these '80s and '90s parties became really popular and all the '90s acts all had revivals…everybody came back!

So I thought, 'Why not? Let's just do it' and that was five years ago. Since the band's inception, the lineup has changed several times as the band went in-and-out of hiatus. We're Going To Ibiza is a globe-conquering slice of pallid Euro reggae.

Gay Vengaboys

Ditto the steel-drum heavy Uncle John From Jamaica, whose video features sexy chamber maids dancing around a holiday resort in the tropics. Set in more snowy winter climes, the video to Sha La La features busty German frauleins in lederhosen serving up steins of milk in an alpine bar, attended by gratuitous dwarves. Sexual innuendo abounds, of course, and at some point in every song, you will hear a play-by-numbers keyboard riff and a background chant of "Oh, whoah. Ultimately, it's The Wiggles on stronger drugs, with a louder drum machine. Consequently, the band is detested in some quarters, though Pors reckons "the snobby people" have lightened up a bit in recent times.

They said our music was just easy sounds and worthless lyrics, but now, a lot of those same people are, like, 'Oh! I love you, Vengaboys! Maybe they're just prepared to accept now that the Vengaboys make easy, happy, fun music, and that's perfect if you just wanna have a party without having to think too much.

These people all do the same thing we do. Things like Barbie Girl by Aqua- these are very cheesy songs that sound like they're easy to make, but they are not, and when people hear them, they go crazy! These songs top the charts all over the world, and that's a big achievement. It is nice, of course, to write a beautiful song with complicated lyrics about your emotions, but not everyone wants to do that. To make just a simple tune that's so catchy people can't resist turning it up and dancing to it- this is very hard! Perform from the heart.

Stay true to yourself. Learn, grow and evolve. My drag queen name is Miss Donna-Ray Jones. To embrace both male and female energies within yourself is the way I want to live. Miss Donna-Ray Jones has given me the opportunity to create and express a part of me I have always known I had inside of me. Miss Donna-Ray is a sweet kind fierce queen and a powerhouse performer. Being on stage as Donna-Ray, I try to give as much as I can and hope my performance will touch your heart. It feels like a celebration every time. Some of your biggest hits got a festive remix at Christmas, we love the new remixes. We love the DJ Hardbell and Snowtek remixes!

What do you enjoy most and least about touring?

The sometimes grim atmosphere at the security checks. A little smile never hurt no one. At a moment like Vengaboye we wish we could just teleport ourselves to the next party destination. That would be awesome. Has there been a highlight from the last few years? What was the reaction like and why do you enjoy playing at these events?

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