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In addition to a safe and functional design, Foundations glider rocking chairs have a number of convenient features.

Chairs rocking Adult nj nursery

Babies and toddlers get the same benefits of calming movements in a glider chair and caregivers can relax as well, rather chaifs straining their backs and arms. The gentle, smooth, repetitive motion of a rocker chair gives babies the reassurance they need to drift off or eat peacefully. Gliders aren't only helpful for children who are upset, they can also be used to lull a child to sleep or feed a baby. Toddler rocking chairs encourage children to take initiative in finding their own ways to compose themselves and step out of overwhelming situations. With glider chairs and rockers from Foundations, you get the utmost in support and comfort for both babies and their caregivers.

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When safety and health are at stake, you don't want to rocling any chances. A supportive rocking chair offers a great alternative to walking around and carrying growing children. Moreover, some of our chairs come with matching ottomans to ensure maximum comfort. An inviting appearance and convenient features make them an excellent choice for any daycare center.

While we still carry rocking chairs, gliders are designed to slide forward and backward, rather than rocking in an arc. Teachers and children alike can benefit from having a soothing spot to relax and calm down in during the day. Appropriately-sized furniture is beneficial in any early-childhood setting. No matter what your budget or restrictions are, we have something to match your needs.

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