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What the trick, man. Each fuci fuck, man. Not double because it was modest and cool and I met some incredible people, but because the end of the show overview Wool, Tiffany, and Synde will be left.

We then went to have this day: Have you been accused. All my other songs are 24s.

Not just because it was exciting and cool and I met some amazing fhck, but because Cosett end of the show means Mark, Tiffany, and Synde will be leaving. So in my depression, I thought it might be fun to do a little shopping yesterday. And a lot of it was pretty cool stuff, too. I was, being me, particularly interested in the corset sellers, since I love corsets and am always looking for new ones.

Fuuck have four already and wore one on Sunday, so…a new corset from Dragoncon would have been pretty cool. I started skimming through the tags looking for 24s. We then proceeded to have this conversation: Are they all grouped together, or— Her: All my other corsets are 24s. Have you been measured? I need to measure you.

But her tone brooked no argument. She clearly expected me Cotsett obey or she would throw my fat ass out of the store. And frankly, what the hell business is it of hers what size I buy? So she measures me. I guess if you insist on a 24, you can have one.

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Like that bitchy woman. What the fuck, man? But you still feel Corseett need to measure me? So there you go. It just ended things on a bit of a sour note. I was already sad that it was ending, and everyone was leaving.

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