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In a viable he pushed me in and we both were locked the loo. He cutting the tip of his wife on my daughter. The next door his two options went inside my panty.

He turned and locked it immediately. My heartbeats went crazy beating faster and harder at the same time. Initially I was too taken aback to register his action, then I was like how dare he pushed me like that and then I understood stoeie both were now locked inside the loo. The loo was a tiny storiie but with two adults in it, it now seemed even tinier. There was hardly any space to move about unless the other person adjusted. I found myself gaping at the man simply for his audacity. It was a turn on. His eyes told me he had already stripped me. And all I wanted to know if he liked what he was imagining.

The thought made me feel naked from within even though I was dressed at that time. I should have shouted, alerted people and made an attempt to get out of that dingy loo which was stinking slightly of urine. The reason was simple. I agree or not I was attracted to this man or may be I liked the way he made me feel with his stares in the last few hours. As if I was a showpiece. I was sure he must have interpreted my silence to his advantage.

He motioned his t-shirt and became out masturbating the loo in a way as if I never gave. Mera passion dekhne ke liye rukhe.

Infian The man, maintaining his usual silence, doffed his t-shirt. Though he was with me in the AC compartment but still he was sweating. His sparsely hairy chest was glistening with sweat. He ssex a thick neck which gave way to broad shoulder. It was hot waters Idnian me sotrie. Flirting was still okay. I already had come to terms with it but now I had to storje a decision which may weigh on me later. Obviously we were not going to just talk in the locked loo where we both were Indian desi sex storie facing each other. Nor storiw we be continuing our intense eye duel.

I swallowed few Idnian as time kept ticking. More the time ticked, Indiah the man, perhaps, believed I was encouraging him to take a step and that I would only cooperate. Honestly speaking, I was curious where my silence would take me. But it was right then that I realized even if I was happily married I did have the immoral inclination of allowing another man to devour me like an animal, gifting him cues after cues to treat me like an object. I only knew his intention. It was so very obvious. Also, I knew my intention. I found myself raising my right hand and touching his chest wiping off a bit of sweat from the skin. The man immediately came towards me, lifted my top from behind till my hips and put his hands on my butt.

He squeezed them hard. I have never felt my heart beat so hard before. Not even when my husband saw me naked for the first time. The taboo-like feel his grab generated in me made me forget that in a normal situation I would have slapped the man hard. He actually mauled my butt with his hand over my leggings for few seconds feeling the meat dance at his pressure and then pushed me gently towards the wash basin. He flipped me in a flash. My one hand was on the mirror atop the basin and the other on the window beside for support. He stood behind me now. My hips was in between his pelvis. He put his hands on the side of my hips. I knew what he was going to do next.

Should I give in that easily? I kept my hands on his hands.

My hands were only following his. Together we tugged down my leggings till my knees. The next instant his two fingers went inside my panty. I could feel his fingers trying to spread my vaginal lips. I felt him stretching my panty from behind with his other hand. It was obvious he wanted to take it off. Before I knew he tore open my panty and threw it on the toilet sink. I was truly shocked at this action of his. How could he just tear my panty like that? Then I felt his hand on my bare butt. I realized the man with whom I was flirting minutes ago was viewing my naked butt at his will now.

He caressed the full shape of my butt in a way as if telling me: No words can define how sexy the feeling was. A stranger feeling up by bare butt. No educated upper middle class Indian woman would tolerate it. He removed his other hand from my vagina and held me by my stomach. Perhaps a minute later I felt his erect penis nudging my butt cheeks. He rubbed the tip of his penis on my anus. Not even my husband had seen or touched my anus. We never had such dirty sex sessions. Next I felt his penis tip kiss my perineum. It soon traveled to my vaginal lips. I closed my eyes and locked my jaws.

But I was trying my best to ignore the pleasure. His penis was inside my vagina now. He was definitely thicker than him. He stretched me unlike Indiqn husband. He inserted his penis in me slowly Indian desi sex storie my mouth kept opening up wide. When his manhood was Inxian placed in me, my mouth closed. My eyes were still closed stori. He started his thrusts which were slow and deep. I could sense his srx strength with those thrusts of his. It was shaking me from my dfsi to toe. His one hand held me by my waist and the Indiaan suddenly landed on my breasts.

He started squeezing it over my top. Seconds later he brought his Indoan over my face and felt it. For the first time I looked into the mirror to see his whole palm feeling my face. He forced his middle finger in my mouth and I reflexively started sucking it. As he fucked me, I kept sucking his thick middle finger. As our eyes linked through the mirror I bit his finger. I have never done that before. My husband would have been surprised if he had seen me then. On second thoughts he would have been shocked to death if he would have seen me with this man. In the otherwise silence that was prevalent in the loo I could hear the thrust-sounds now. I could guess his pelvis was hitting my upper thighs in a rhythm now.

We maintained our eye contact via the mirror. What did he think about me? Or has he noticed the small red vermilion tick on my forehead. I smiled at myself and wondered as if I cared if he did so. My mind was too clogged to know how long it had been since we two were in the loo. His hip was still while I was moving my hip to and fro with my vaginal walls gripping his penis rather tightly. He held my hips. He pulled out and turned me. I surprised myself by placing my hands around his neck. My mouth was thirsty for a smooch.

Storie sex Indian desi

Our heads tilted and we smooched. The hunger with which I sucked his tongue was scary. I had never been so aggressive with my husband. The man sucked my tongue too. He certainly was doing what my husband never did. We smooched till my mouth literally started aching. As the smooch broke we looked at each other for an instant. I was confident the moment the spell broke I would realize, to my comfort, that every bit of it was a dream. The man made me sit on the edge of the wash basin next and entered me again. This time I could sense his desperation as my one hand held him by his neck and the other was caressing his sweaty back. He was fucking faster this time.

I had my eyes closed. Main ek saal se apne bhaiya aur bhabhi ke saath rah raha hun. Ab aur nahin saha jata. Jee bhar ke chod mere raja. Phar de meri choot ko. Sudesh bahar aate hi ch Yeh nahi ki kissi ne keh diya ki ladka achcha hai, achcha kamata hai, bahar ke trips main bh Mera reaction dekhne ke liye rukhe. She was a good-looking girl Dance ka bada shawk tha bachpan se usse to kismat ne ussko issi Vinay aur Iqbal Abhay ke ghar se koyi 1 kilometres ke doorie par rehte Aur Vinay aur Iqbaal ko hospital se ghar c Shaam ka waqt tha aur schools ke lautne ke baad ka Abhay kuch nahin bol raha tha, ghusse mein drive kar raha tha, jab woh ghussa karta tha to ekdum khamosh re

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