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The underground location begat its enigmatic name: Y opened basr April The double doors to the kitchen swing open and Karen Sensibaugh carries a tray of loudly sizzling New York strip steaks. The bar fills up on a Friday afternoon and Roland Jr. We're constantly adding to the space; that's why there's the DJ booth so we can have big name DJs. The main room is filled with enough vintage mid-century modern furniture to make the set designers of Mad Men weep.

Harford Gay bars county in

At a corner booth, five young men share a pitcher of beer. They clink two beer cans together and toast the approach of the seventh decade. It was important for Pershing and Gay to get G. Denim is as prevalent as leather; Orioles and Ravens jerseys are both represented; and men in Polo shirts sit next to men wearing no shirts at all. As they eat, a mouthwatering aroma fills the room, and several patrons ask to see menus. They've already made a habit of bringing in non-local DJs and performers. Located right on quaint Main Street, the stone building bedazzled with white Christmas lights gives off an immediately warm feeling.

Inside, Ben the bartender works the oval bar, quickly serving two-for-one, happy-hour drinks.

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Counth had just opened at 4 p. They "closed the deal" in early April, Gay notes, and wanted to be open as soon as possible for Pride and for the summer. The place is really, really red, but that only adds to the den-of-iniquity vibe. In warm weather, the crowd spills onto the sidewalk, where a handful of tables offer a cafe feel.

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