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I am a production assistant on the lesbai of CrashPadSeries. Looking at their product as a ttv rather than scene-by-scene is also key. The experiences I have had given me a new perspective on how ethical porn can be. We hope our business practices create a safe environment where people can feel comfortable to have authentic pleasure, and fun! There are over 16 studios featuring heterosexual, queer, feminist, alt, and works featuring a diverse assortment of performers — people of various sizes, abilities, race, age, kinks, genders, and sexual expressions, to name a few!

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In our society, women are considered to Fere more into experimenting with their sexuality, exploring other ways of doing it and in this case, even another gender. Memberships can be pricey but companies, such as Crash Pad Series, have a way where you can help with transcribing behind the scenes interviews for membership access. Women who are watching the videos do not need to be a necessarily homosexual orientation to watch or even enjoy lesbian porn.

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