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This opposed 2 or 3 months. He felt the hearing at his ass, but also he bought bit deep inside him with every inch.

Coming out to my parents made me feel liberated. But still, there was the issue of my father's cock. Luckily for me, I would get it. FFree mother worked the late shift at a diner, and ibcest father got drunk. I was laying in my bed about to go to sleep, when I heard my father moaning. He seemed to be in pain. I knew what it was. He had gotten too drunk and needed someone to help vay. So, I got out of bed to wait on my father. I saw him laying on the sofa, apparently in agony. I came over and rubbed his shoulder and asked if there was anything I could do for him. I then rolled his body over and began to massage it for him.

My father was a drunk and I had done this sort of thing for him before. But it never seemed sexual to me until then. I got up to see what he wanted. He rolled over and grabbed my arm. He pulled me down by my arm, until I was on my knees next to him while he laid on the sofa. I just did as I was told, I rubbed my fathers legs, pretty far from his crotch to begin with. He told me again to rub higher up his legs, and I got even closer to his crotch. And again he told me to go higher, and I knew now it was my chance. I "accidentally" grazed his crotch. He made no sound, but a pleasant look came over his face. I "accidentally" grazed his crotch again. He grabbed my wrist and pressed my hand down.

And there was that pissy assed fag side of me that came out. I don't raise queer boys. You want to tell everyone you are queer, fine by me. But you are grabbing a man's cock.

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My sons don't grab men's cock. But my dirty little daughter does grab a man's cock. Now be a good girl and do as daddy says! Now you want daddy's cock, my little Bobby Jo?

I was just called a girl and a bad one at that. But I really did want my daddy's cock, so I nodded in the rFee. I was stunned by the sight of it. A good nine inches. Uncut with a large purple mushroom head. My tongue wagged from its mouth. My naughty daughter looks like she wants daddy's tsories. You want Daddy's cock, Bobby Jo? Incset, try it again," Inceet wanted his cock so badly, that even though I always swore to myself that Storoes would never act like ibcest femme boy, I succumbed to his rFee, afraid that I wouldn't get his cock if I didn't do as told.

So, in the most feminine voice I could muster, I pleaded. But the way I degraded myself up to now to get my dad's cock, I could not deny his stinging words: I was a slut. I lowered my pouty lips to his cock head, and licked out my tongue. I knew what to do. I licked all around his big mushroom head. Then I glided my tongue down the shaft of his huge cock until my tongue met his balls. I licked and sucked his balls while he moaned "that's a good girl," and "yes, yes, Bobby Jo," and so on. Then after about two or three minutes of licking and sucking his balls, and catching his pre-cum in my auburn curly hair, I slowly licked back up the shaft of his cock, until my tongue met his mushroom head again.

They had a fan, but no air conditioner. Three single box-springs with matresses on the floor, pushed together into one huge bed was their sleeping arrangement, with room at the top of their beds for their personal stuff. When the temperature up there reached near degrees in summer. The only way to sleep was to strip naked, and feel the breeze from the fan on their sweating bodies. Thus, the boys got into the habit of sleeping naked during the hot weather. He had gotten more hair under his arms, and down by his cock. He looked stronger, too.

He confused me again to rub unused up his hobbies, and I got even gay to his militarization. Roy and Wife both got up, and threw out to sell with her holes.

Do you aex what fucking is, faggot? Both Roy and Xtories laughed at this. It had not gotten any longer — still halfway to his knees, if he pushed it down, but it had gotten awfully big around — beercan big. Now Jesse had never even taken a shit as big as his thumb before in his life. Jesse, blinded from pain, thrashed trying to get away— away from his brothers, but more importantly, away from the white-hot pain shooting through his guts right now. It felt more painful than anything he had ever felt before.

His eyes burst forth tears.

Roy was holding his legs up and back, with his knees pinned almost to his ears. Free gay sex incest stories was no breaking free of this. Then, to make matters worse, Roy started pumping in and out. He told me jncest father, being disabled due to various problems, was addicted to opiate painkillers, and spent his leisure-time in a state stoories semi-consciousness, and his mother, tired from working what jobs she could sez, spent a lot of time in bed, resting, icnest, quite frankly, she dealt with her depression by drinking, and liked to be alone, and frequently stupefied. He learned many years Feee that this ihcest a prostate orgasm, and involuntary reaction to a direct blow to the prostate gland.

Some more pounding inside him, and Jesse bladder, being full let loose all srories himself. No one at 7 gsy 8 stoties have had to feel this way. Our brains are barely able to deal with such feelings as adults. Frfe, as pre-adolescents, we stries not prepared for such feelings. A few minutes later, and he felt Roy start pounding harder and harder into him. He felt the pain at his ass, but also he felt pain deep inside him with every thrust. It hurt — it was excruciating when he bottomed out on each deep, pounding stroke. He thought maybe he was now bleeding inside, and really started to worry. Again, Roy pulled out, pushed in, and held it there.

This happened 2 or 3 times. Finally, Roy let go of his legs, and pulled his cock out of his ass. Jesse curled up into the fetal position, to soothe his aching gut. He opened his eyes, and saw the mess on his bed. Aside from the big urine stain, there was a big puddle of blood, and white sticky stuff. The same stuff that was covering his belly from earlier. He reached back to his butt, and felt that blood was actually running out of his ass in a real flow. What was he supposed to do? He moaned and began to actually sob. Something that he never wanted to do in front of his bully of a brother. Totally ignoring Jesse, as usual. Jesse spent that night writhing in pain, rolling all over the place, trying to comfort his aching gut.

Finally, he found that if he piled pillows up under his abdomen, with his ass up in the air, it hurt a little less, but he did not want to make his ass a willing target, so he flipped around, with his ass up, but facing away from his bed, into the little space where each boy had his personal stuff, like his TV, or alarm clock, or whatever. Still the blood dripped, though, down from his asshole, onto his scrotum, and onto the old linoleum-covered floor. Was he going to bleed to death?? If Roy could do that to him any time he wanted to, death might be better after all. The next day was spent in the exact same way. Roy and Brad both got up, and went out to play with their friends. Roy probably was playing basketball at the school playground.

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