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If you want to be dazzled by gorgeous scenery found nowhere else in the world, fabulous food found in the same, and dazzling smiles from people whose colour sychelles range praslinn Pasty Pom to Effervescent Ebony, come to Seychelles. Raffles Praslin offers everything a homosexual needs for a splendid holiday. Among the earthly paradises forming this beautiful archipelago, are majestic spurs of granite shaped by waves and wind, white beaches fringed by tall palm trees and takamaca, dense vegetation and an endless variety of birds. Ceremony on the catamaran at sunset on beautiful white beaches or tropical gardens facing the sea under a cascade of fragrant flowers.

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Sseychelles is generally cooler when the north-west trade winds blow during the months of November to March. There is no gay-only bar in this country of acceptance, so head to the same places where everyone else goes. At both Kempinski and Four Seasons, culinary options are superb, as are the staff who deliver the dish with the dishes. Side By Side Holidays offers to all couples on their honeymoon the best providing a wide selection of hotels of all categories up to some of the world's finest 5 star.

Praslin seychelles Gay

As if Swychelles were not relaxed enough, La Digue is even more laidback. Still, though, the casual luxury here is not the intimidating type found in London, Paris, New York, or Beverly Hills; relax and enjoy high quality without high priestess attitude. Hilltop Oveanview Villas offer panoramic views of the land and sea all the way out to neighbouring islands. The first to discover the hidden treasures of this paradise were pirates, Arab sailors and adventurers, men passing on a land that was deserted until the late eighteenth century when the French settled there. Expect the dance floor to be bumper to bumper on the weekends, though an outdoor beach area provides some room to roam.

The Seychelles' climate is one which is always warm and does not reach extremes of heat or cold.

Gy If all you are looking to do is sit on an island beach, Rottnest awaits. Refreshingly for this part of the world, gay life is not ostracised; the live and let live attitude extends to sexual identity as well. The Carnaval is only one of the many festivals taking place throughout the year; the praslon Seychellois are only to happy to find an excuse for a celebration. During the course of evolution the Seychelles have remained faithful to its multi-ethnic roots, for over two centuries remained a melting pot of races, traditions and religions from the four corners of the world.

It is also fairly cloudy at times during those months and therefore less sunshine. On average the number of rainy days during this period is 11 with long periods of sunshine. No one from any country in the world needs a visa to visit Seychelles; everyone is welcome equally. Even for The Jaded Ones who have seen everything and been everywhere, Seychelles is a special place worth their time and money.

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