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These are the gay friendly hotels we stayed in during our trip in Lebanon which were aware that we are a gay couple and welcomed us: For us, the icing on the cake was the staff. The Lebanese cuisine is world famous for good reason.

Gay travel Guide

Gat always buzzing with life here, which makes it the perfect place for people watching at one of the cool cafes, with fay to hand. It's absolutely gorgeous and the perfect choice for couples. Kanafeh is a Lebanese breakfast dish containing melted cheese and semolina dough that has been soaked in syrup, and served on Lebanese bread. B is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from late until 8am the next morning. Casi Cielo is one of the best gay friendly guesthouses to stay in Lebanon Things to do in Beirut It's all about the delicious food here. Leave the calorie counter at home and come check out Gustav!

Gay friendly hotels in Beirut As a rule of thumb, Gukde large international hotel brands are likely to be gay friendly, wherever they are in the world because they Guive abide by a strict set of international standards. They are extremely friendly, helpful and very welcoming. The Phoenicia also has a handful of high end restaurants and bars which are worth visiting even if you're not staying here. Apply for visa before booking your trip: The Lebanese gay couple who own it are not only extremely personable, they also offer fun group activities like cooking classes, biking and hiking.

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For the most part, it uGide ahead, but police harassment and Islamic violence meant that most of it was stopped. Bardo is open every day until 2am and is located in downtown Beirut on Mexico Street, just off Hamra Street. We love coming here for morning runs and then stopping at one of the coffee shops or restaurants.

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