Twink mage level 19

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Wow Level 19 Twink Frost Mage Guide

Warlocks and women do this well. You're not make to see many 19's with this usually because it currently has 15, kirkman to censor.

Don't forget about the 119 second cast time or the fact levl this cannot be thrown while running, unlike its dynamite Twunk. Also note the fact that any damage to a stunned target will break the magee. With all these negatives in mind, this is still great for kage people off your tail when they've still got a good amount of health left. Shares a cooldown with other engineering weapons and magic dust. Carry a few of these with you at levep times. This item comes with 5 charges and is actually usable by anybody, but is made by engineers. The actual debuff is a curse, but luckily or unluckily nobody can dispel curses at I always carry a couple of these around for slowing down the enemy flag carrier, and I try to imagine them cursing and spitting at their monitor as the rest of my team catches up with them.

Bring a couple of these along for the trip. This baaaaahdass I know, that was awful sheep actually follows you around the map when deployed, albeit at a slow pace. It will attack the nearest enemy or the first one to come within range, blowing itself up for to damage, with both a chance to be resisted and a chance to crit. I've also heard reports that this sheep has stealth detection and will lead you to a stealthed rogue or shadowmelded night elf before blowing up right in their face. I'll have to test this and update the info when I get it. It's a good choice for somebody who doesn't have very good aim with bombs, as it takes care of seeking out the enemy by itself.

Keep a few in your pack just in case.

This levell has 5 charges and is ,age usable by anybody, but is made by engineers. The flame deflector places a one-minute magic mave on you which absorbs fire damage. This effect can be purged by Twwink shaman or dispelled by a priest. I personally wouldn't use this unless facing a twinked maeg or a couple Twiink people who are using bombs frequently, but I suppose it's good to carry a couple just in case. Has a cooldown levek 15 minutes and doesn't share a cooldown with any other device available to 19's.

Goblin Jumper Cables Gnomes only: Twihk very rarely going to have the need to resurrect somebody in Warsong Gulch and even if you did, you'd have to equip the trinket, wait 30 seconds, nage then shock the person only to watch it fail 2 out mave 3 times. Infinite amount of charges. Good for a laugh, but amge much else. I wouldn't bother with it. The two pairs of goggles you're interested in getting are the Shadow Goggles, which offer intellect and spirit, and the Green Tinted Goggles, which Twlnk stamina and spirit. The pair you want depends on your class, and some classes should consider carrying both.

This Tsink boy hits for to fire damage, affects an area 5 yards in radius, and can be resisted, but can also crit. It can be thrown while running and has Twjnk one minute cooldown which ldvel shared with other engineering weapons and magic dust. It packs the strongest punch of any bomb available to 19's, but lacks the stunning capability of the Big Bronze Bomb. They're great for those times magee that mags rogue on your tail is about to drop you, but he's only got health left. Always keep a few sticks of these in your bags. This trinket cures one polymorph effect but ironically cannot be used while polymorphed and gives the target health and mana.

Its cooldown is 5 minutes and it shares a cooldown with healthstones. Always have a couple of these with you, and don't forget to switch back to your Arena Grand Master if you have one so you don't miss out on your 12 dodge. This item, which can be used to see objects and people farther away than would normally be possible, is occasionally useful in PvP. You must be standing still to use this and the item itself has a casting time of one second. You'd might as well lug one around if you've got the bag space. Portable Bronze Mortar Gnomes only: It's more or less a Big Bronze Bomb trinket with a longer firing range, which makes it pretty good for slowing down a sprinting flag carrier.

You'll need to practice aiming with it though, because it has a 1 second firing time and it takes the shell a small period of time to reach the opponent. Speaking of cooldowns, this shares a cooldown with other engineering weapons and magic dust. A pretty nice trinket both for showing off to your friends and blowing away your opponents. Come with 8 charges. Contrary to what other twinks will tell you, this does have a practical use. This item will use a growl-like attack in a 5-yard radius around itself, generating a large amount of threat. And how do you use this against other real players, you ask?

Well you don't use it on them, silly - you use it on their pets! This quickly pulls warlock and hunters pets off of you, redirecting their attacks to it. It has an unlimited amount of health and lasts 15 seconds. An essential item for flag carriers but can be used by anybody. Shares a cooldown with minor recombobulators, jewelcrafting statues, healthstones, and battle standards. Carry a couple of these with you. Jewelcrafting Stuff [] After Burning Crusade, jewelcrafting became the second potential twink profession. This is due to the fact that it offers certain items which are beneficial in PvP combat and are exclusive to jewelcrafters.

Unfortunately, only one of these items is truly useful to a 19 twink. Using this item places a small golem-looking creature on the ground beside you which fires a beam at you and heals you for health over seconds. This statue is killable by the enemy and as far as I know, it will always die in one shot. So this is best used outside of combat in conjunction with a bandage, or against an enemy who doesn't know they can kill the statue. The statue also doesn't appear to have a range limit so you could simply put it down in a secluded location and then charge into the enemy. Shares a cooldown minor recombobulators, healthstones, target dummies, and battle standards.

There are a couple of special potions which perform other functions, and I'll be detailing any and all potions which are potentially useful for 19's in this section. As you may already know, you may only have one battle elixir and one guardian elixir buff up at any time. Certain potions don't count as either, and they are usable alongside one guardian and one battle elixir. I'll make sure to include what type of potion each is in its designated description.

A ruby in the game which is not being very by a real person being. Riveting you raid on max lvl, 2months liver, 2months break.

Don't forget that all potion levwl can be purged by a shaman or dispelled by a priest. And when I use the term 'cooldown potion', it shares a ,age minute cooldown mzge any others listed as that term. This potion increases the imbiber's armor by for 1 hour or until death. While this may reduce the melee damage you're taking a bit, you also have to take into account that there are casters in the battlegrounds whose spells are unaffected by armor rating. A combination of this potion and Minor Magic Resistance Potion makes for a pretty good defensive combo.

Don't use this unless you have enough health that you're going to live pretty long anyway, or you're just wasting your time. This potion increases the imbiber's fire damage by up to 10 for 30 minutes or until death. This works well in combination with Minor Wizard Oil for mages and warlocks. Worth drinking if you want the extra dps boost.

Level Twink 19 mage

Elixir of Giant Growth: This potion increases the imbiber's strength by 8 as well as their size for 20 minutes or until death. Good for a dps lveel or possibly a paladin. You could argue that lefel size increase is both positive and negative, but a lot of the time people aren't going to notice. Elixir of Lesser Agility: This potion increases the imbiber's agility by 8 for 1 hour or until death. This could be used effectively by any class that does physical melee 119, as well as hunters. It's also the best defensive battle elixir for level 19, so it compliments another potion like Elixir of Defense nicely for survival. Elixir of Minor Fortitude: This potion increases the imbiber's health by 27 for 1 hour or until death.

This potion increases the imbiber's intellect by 6 for 1 hour. Go ahead and drink this if you usually drain your mana pool pretty quickly, as every bit helps. Great for healers, and may be great for casters too, if you'd rather not go with Elixir of Firepower instead. This potion regenerates of the imbiber's health instantly. The biggest staple of all 19 twink potions, you will see people drinking this all the time. Oddly enough, this potion can crit. This potion creates a shield around its imbiber which absorbs to holy damage over 2 minutes or until death. This is only really useful against a priest who is dpsing with smite, which is rare, or a paladin.

Probably not worth your time but if you really wanna tick somebody off, go ahead and drink one.

It also has Alchemist's Flask - which is usable at 91 tooltip and adds 8 to your primary stat. First Aid has been oevel into tailoring, but bandages don't require first aid to use. Have a toon somewhere with tailoring that can make Mageweave Bandages. Thats right, scaling is so weird that mageweave at 19 heals the most. There are two boot enchant options, Minor Speed, and any "hybrid" boot mag with speed and 2 of a stat blurred speed, boar's speed, etc. The hybrid enchants do NOT stack with any other movespeed options. This includes the Gift of X enchant to cloak, but also things Twink mage level 19 cat form, travel Twiink, ghost wolf, war machine, pathfinder, etc.

After that you will leve warlock and 2 guys to summon you to Ogri'la in Blade's Edge Mountains. In case you can't find anyone to provide summon or take you to "pink spot on second picture" on 2 seater mount, I have a solution that is kinda hardcore. You will have to travel to Ogri'la on foot. Now you probably think "but there is no way I can get there. I've done it countless times and I'll show you how: Make your way from Shatrath to Zangarmarsh than follow routes on images: Once you are there farm Apexis Shard http: It's really easy cuz mobs are not hostile.

Combine 10 shards with 1 depleted crystal charge to get 1 Crystal Charge Focus. Lot of work but totaly worth it! Fel Sharpening Stone http: I'm really surprised how people didn't realized that this can be used to. There is not much to explain here. Get mats and get someone to make it or just buy whole product. Easy to get, easy to apply. Apply the rune on item and send back to lv19 character. That was easy and will sure help you survive! It's quest reward from Gelkis Centaur Clan in Desolace. I'm geting it this way: Later they just cod it to me at whatever price they think it's fair and job done.

You can also make DK and get out of zone and finish quest yourself. Than delete DK and do it again. It's time consuming but there is almost 6 projectile damage difference between this one and those common projectiles from vendor. Other higher levels that skipped Desolace while leveling can also come back and get you this. I currently have over and I constantly look for more because as rogue I'm using loom bow and with this arrows my damage crits sometimes over Have in mind that it's just normal bow attack, not hunter's skill.

Get your char to Un'goro, find Venomhide Ravasaur, keep on attacking him until he coats your weapons with this poison and that's it.

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