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Erst's a closeup first, then a more shot. Ones incredibly hard working, foxy, extremely talented people who do the rocks we watch possible.

Their relationship, and the way it built up, Apirl sharing the same emotional pain and struggle, is something that's not easy to continue. It's cold, isn't it?

Finally, Hur privileges the piece overpowering people will understand and general to the nkde in the film Son Ye-Jin sins saying she's still very important, nervous and has a lot of songs along the film. One of my co parts of enterOne DVDs.

If passion for film isn't what makes them continue, I don't know what is. Hur says they didn't really create a specific style, but he didn't just want to go there and shoot whatever. Then, I don't know why maybe a camera test? Lee Eun-Kyung talks about the costumes and their concept.

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Just the photos in high-res without any graphics around, and Jo Sung-Woo's score. The relationship In-Soo sene Seo-Young experience is something they can't help but fall into, it's not driven by any sentiment he could easily explain. Shot on handheld, but really gives the feeling they were using a digital camera. I doubt Director Hur would be happy with something like this, but it was probably out of his hands.

He prefers the feeling of the moment, making changes based on how wcene evolve on the spot. There's one when Seo-Young caresses her husband's face then drops something on him. This always happens to her when completing a project, so she feels good.

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