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Chinese Noodles and Wrappers

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If you are lucky and have a well stocked Asian store, Asian noodle brands can brqnds freshly made noodles at a decent price. So that everyone is clear—the noodles are called ho fun noodles, cheung fun is the sheets of noodle that are often stuffed and rolled for dim sum recipes, and chow brandx is a name that comes from our lustrous Americanized Chinese food history. Or go vegetarian with our vegetable chow fun! Hot out of the wok Shanghai Fried Noodles! These are made from mung beans, and must be either boiled or soaked in cold water for five minutes before cooking. These noodles are delicious little sponges—they soak up all of the sauce and retain the flavors.

Is your head spinning with the words rice, vermicelli, and noodles, yet? You can buy mung bean glass noodles in individual packs as well. Any type of long noodle symbolizes longevity, but Yi Mein also known as e-fu noodles are a more festive and traditional take on the idea. Chinese longevity noodles, as they are sometimes called have a spongy chewy texture since they are fried before they are dried.

You can make brans delicious banquet Long life Yi Mein Noodle dish at home! If you have ramen noodles lying around, you must try our Stir-Fried Vegetable Ramen. Ahh the world we live in. Fresh Ramen Noodles Fresh Ramen noodles are also readily available at local Asian grocery stores and while they are not as convenient as dry packaged ramen noodles, noodl have a much better taste and texture. Fresh made noodles like the picture below can be found in markets in Asia. Packaged noodles are now showing up in Chinese and Asian grocery stores in the US. They come with a variety of nkodle packets like the dried kind but also some plain packets.

The one pictured below comes with miso flavoring. The plain packets are best if you noole going to make your own broth or a pan nooodle ramen. We used dried noodles in our vegetable ramen recipe but you can certainly try it with fresh ramen noodles if you can find it. As a result they can be applied pretty flawlessly to Bands cooking. Broad Bean Glass Noodles Broad bean noodles are a kind of wide glass noodle that is similar in appearance to rice noodles and mung bean noodles, but are slightly different. And like noosle translucent white noodles on this list, they do need to be soaked for 30 minutes before cooking.

Wonton noodles come in a wider version as well for those of you who prefer wider noodles over the thinner Hong Kong style noodles. Wonton Wrappers and Dumpling Skins These can be found in the refrigerated section of the Chinese grocery store. The wrappers come in both a yellow egg variety and a white variety and vary in thickness. We use the thicker white version for most of our dumpling recipes. These are used for Cantonese or Hong Kong style wontons. That said, there are some products that add yellow coloring without the eggs, probably because people just like them yellow. I mean, how may times did it take you to find your favorite wheat bread or mustard? Dumpling Skins Pre-made dumpling wrappers come in both yellow and white versions and also vary in thickness although they are definitely thicker than wonton wrappers.

Do keep in mind that wonton wrappers are most definitely different from dumpling wrappers. As you can see in the pictures, the labels are fairly clear for the recommended uses. Try making your own dumpling wrappers by following the Pork Chive Dumplings and homemade dumpling wrappers! You can make your own dumpling skins using the recipe in Vegetable dumplings as the basic recipe is the same. Spring Roll Wrappers — Chinese You can find these in the refrigerated section of the Chinese grocery store. Unlike egg rolls, which are an American thing, spring rolls are legitimately Chinese. Spring Roll Wrappers — Vietnamese These Spring roll wrappers are used for Vietnamese type spring rolls but they can also be used for the Chinese Spring rolls for a gluten free roll.

We have not used these wrapper in our recipes yet but expect to soon. So many recipes to and dishes to make! This one below is the square version but they come in the round versions as well. Their toothsome texture comes from the addition of alkaline salts. Ramen is similar to saang mian, a smooth, chewy, slightly soapy-tasting noodle found in Hong Kong and often eaten plain or dressed with a little sesame oil. Buy ramen either fresh in bags in the refrigerated section of an Asian food store or dried, in plastic or cellophane packs. They come in a variety of sizes, although most tend toward thinness.

Sapporo ramen Use to make this miso-based ramen bowl from Sapporo, the capital of Japan's most northerly island. They can be used in soups, stir-fries and even, when blanched and refreshed, in salads such as Sichuan liang mian, where the cooked noodles are coated in a zingy sesame paste sauce. These fresh egg noodles have a slightly floury appearance from a light cornstarch coating and require a brief blanching in boiling water before using. Their firm texture makes them a contender for stir fries such as chow meinsoups and fried in loose cakes. There is also a wider type of wonton noodle which is good for hearty soups and as an accompaniment for meaty, braised dishes.

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Their colour ranges from Asian noodle brands to bright yellow- the latter will most like have been coloured artificially so do check labels. Lo mian Similar to Hong Kong noodles, but thicker, this long noodle can be purchased either fresh or dried. Their yellow colour comes from alkalisation, not egg, and they have a dense, chewy texture that takes well to extended cooking and absorbing robust flavours. Yi mian Also called E-fu noodles, these Cantonese wheat flour noodles are pale golden from the use of soda water or other alkalising agent in their manufacture.

When cooked they have a chewy-spongy texture. The huge variety includes clockwose, from top left dried egg noodles, buckwheat soba, knife-cut wheat noodles, fresh wheat noodles, mung bean noodles, fresh udon, fresh egg noodles, green bean thread noodles, sweet potato noodles and centre soba noodles. Buckwheat flour noodles Buckwheat flour is nutritious, containing plenty of fibre, protein and high levels of manganese. It has an appealingly nutty and earthy flavour. Noodles made using buckwheat flour are popular in Korea and Japan. Many commercial iterations contain wheat flour as well as buckwheat, as Asian noodle brands flour lacks gluten and gluten is important for the strength of the Asian noodle brands.

Proportions of flours can vary and the higher the percentage of buckwheat, the better the quality; check labels for ingredient information. Soba Taking their name from the Japanese name for buckwheat, light brown soba noodles are thin and, like many Japanese noodles, are served cold in summer months and make a great salad ingredient. Look for dried soba noodles in Asian, Japanese or health food stores. Naengmyeon Paler brown than soba, these dried Korean noodles are made from a combination of buckwheat flour and sweet potato starch although arrowroot, potato or pea starch are also used. Try these Korean noodles in this Spicy cold buckwheat noodle salad bibim naengmyeon Dotori guksu A Korean dried noodle made from varieties of acorn flour and a combination of grain flours, including buckwheat.

Acorns are considered a health food in Korea and the best dotori goksu are the ones with the highest percentage of acorn flour- over 30 per cent is good. These noodles don't take long to cook minutes and they have a nutty, sweetish flavour. Rice noodles Another large category of noodle, rice noodles come in a range of shapes and sizes, both fresh and dried. They cook incredibly quickly and some iterations just need soaking, not cooking. Noodles made with per cent rice flour are gluten-free. Rice vermicelli Bee hoon to the Malays, mie fen in Chinese, sen mee in Thai and bahn hoi for the Vietnamese, this popular thin, dried rice noodle is not to be confused with bean thread noodles, which they resemble i.

Like bean thread or cellophane noodles, they have a particularly neutral flavour. Find them at any Asian food store and use them in soups, salads and stir-fries, as a base for curries and other sauce-y dishes and an accompaniment to grilled meats such as Vietnamese bun cha. Soak them in boiling water for minutes then briefly boil them a minute is enoughbefore using. They can also be deep-fried from raw, for use as a crunchy garnish or to form crunchy nests. Although on the thin side, it does come in a few different widths, the widest being similar to fettuccine. When cooked, rice stick noodles are elastic and strong, making them a good candidate for stir-frying as they won't break apart.

To use, they first require soaking in hot water to soften them, with time-varying amongst brands. If you want softer noodles, boil them for minutes after soaking. Use in this Beef pad thai Chow fun Also called he fen, these are a fresh, flat, wide noodle that is popular in Cantonese cuisine. There, and in Singapore, they lend their name to the famous stir-fried dish char kway teow. A rounded version is used in laksa lemak coconut laksa. Use fresh flat rice noodles in this Char kway teow Starch-based noodles This family of mainly dried noodle is translucent, with a polished sheen that makes them resemble plastic in their raw state.

Note that these types of noodles are gluten-free.

Brands Asian noodle

Bean thread noodles Also branda cellophane or glass noodles, these extremely fine, tough noodles are made from water and bean starch and are sold in wiry, dried bundles. They must be soaked in water until they soften before cooking; boiling or stir-frying are the usual methods although sometimes they are deep-fried. Dangmyeon These Korean noodles look like a thicker version of transparent bean thread vermicelli although they are a different colour tan-hued and are thicker, tougher and longer. Before use, they require soaking in water before cooking check the packet details as times can vary between brands then rinsed under cold water.

Find them at bradns Korean food store. Miso barramundi in lettuce cups Harusame are used to add texture to Miso Barramundi lettuce cups Other noodles Tapioca noodles Used in some Vietnamese dishes, these chewy, translucent noodles are made using tapioca flour, or a mixture of tapioca and rice flour. Find them fresh in plastic bags in the refrigerator section of Asian supermarkets.

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