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However, access to health information is difficult in rural areas.

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Human trafficking in Laos Laos is a source and, Laoo a lesser extent, a transit and destination country for women and children subjected to sex trafficking. Lao trafficking Lao sex, especially from La southern region of the country, are often migrants seeking opportunities abroad who then experience sexual exploitation in destination countries, most often Thailand, as well as Vietnam, MalaysiaChina, Taiwanand Japan. Traffickers in rural communities often lure acquaintances and relatives with false promises of legitimate work opportunities in neighboring countries, then subject them to sex trafficking.

Some number of women and girls from Laos are sold as brides in China and subjected to sex trafficking. Loa local officials reportedly contributed Lao sex trafficking vulnerabilities by accepting payments to facilitate the immigration Lwo girls to China. Chinese women and girls are also subjected to sex trafficking within Laos. They are the second largest ethnic group after the lowland Lao and make up more than 10 percent of the 6. Many of these women voluntarily leave their villages due to the very poor living conditions there.

The Khmu women mostly move to border areas around the upper Mekong where there is more infrastructure, including bars, restaurants, and casinos. In addition, "Chinese sex workers at both casinos and local commercial sex venues increasingly host itinerant laborers and gamblers. Meanwhile, as a nod to promised development assistance, Chinese casino managers promote 'ethnic tourism' by supporting beauty contests in neighboring villages". Sex workers in Laos do not have access to condoms and basic medical care.

In many ways the association of these countries with sex, prostitution, drugs and decadence can be tied to the American influence during the Vietnam War. The brothels are cleaner than hotels, marijuana is cheaper than a cold glass of beer. When you find beer at midnight and are sitting quietly, wondering what sort of a place this is, the waitress offers to fellate you on the spot, and you still don't know. Your eyes get accustomed to the dark and you see the waitress is naked. Without warning she jumps on the chair, pokes a cigarette into her vagina and lights it, puffing it by contracting her uterine lungs. So many sexual knacks! You could teach these people anything. There are many bars in Vientiane; the decor and the beer are the same in all of them, but the unnatural practices vary.

The only English film I could find in Vientiane was a pornographic one.

In the book Air AmericaXex Robbins wrote that millions of CIA dollars temporarily turned Vientiane "into a swinging aLo offering very sort of perversion and diversion. The White Rose featured floor shows in which women smoked cigarettes and flung Lwo balls with their vaginas. The Rendezvous des Amis, wrote Robbins, was run by a woman known as Madame Lulu who was "a broken-down French woman in her 60s with her hair set in an outrageous bouffant, her face thickly camouflaged in makeup, and a theatrical cigarette holder forever in her hand. Sex Tourism and Children: The law does not include statutory rape as a crime distinct from sex with a child or rape of any person.

The government continued efforts to reduce demand for commercial sex through periodic raids and training workshops.

Gay Sac In Attractions There was no law establishing fitness on the dolphin of ancestral orientation. But when she does about her experiences of being "katheoy" in Wetlands, her voice is known.

The government and NGOs hosted seminars to train tourism-sector employees, including taxi drivers and Lak police. Many major international hotels in Vientiane Loa Luang Sec displayed posters created by international NGOs warning against child sex tourism. In the government introduced a hotline for reporting child sex tourism and placed ads in many tourist locations throughout the country to encourage people to report suspected cases of Lap sex tourism. Sex tourism is illegal in Lao PDR and child-sex tourism is a serious crime Unlike neighbouring Thailand and Cambodia where this segment of the tourism market is well catered for. Cambodia on the other hand acknowledges its tenuous diplomatic and historical relations with its Thai Big Brother.

But recognizes a good earner. Laos has laws in place to discourage Thailand- Cambodian style Sex Tourism. Notices on the back of hotel doors regularly remind guests that it is illegal to enter into sexual relationships with a Lao national and that stiff fines will be imposed on those who break the law. Foreigners are forbidden to invite Lao nationals back to their hotels for sexual relationships. They risk being detained by police, having passports confiscated and hit with hefty fines if caught in the act.

The following is a notice posted on the back esx my guesthouse door: A Do not any drugs, gambling Lao sex bring women and men which is not your own husband or wife into room for making love. In Luang Prabang most of the massage shops offer the choice of either male or female masseuses. But it turned out to be an awful massage and he was oblivious to the notion of what a full body massage wasas promoted on the shop front. Seex spent most of the allotted hour sed my inner thighs. I now make a point of saying that I only want women to massage me. Based on my experiences, prudishness prevails in amongst Lao women masseuses. Laos is endeavouring to resist neighbourly pressures by legislating a National Moral Code of sorts.

Its principal aim appears to be discouraging foreign tourists having sex with local women. Gay Scene In Laos There was no law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Within lowland Lao society, despite wide and growing tolerance of homosexual practices, societal discrimination in employment and housing persisted, and there were no governmental efforts to address it. Reports indicated that lesbians faced greater stigma and discrimination than gay men. According to a recent report of the Commission on AIDS in Asia 1, at least 75 percent of all HIV infections in Asia are caused directly by these three behaviors; among adolescents this figure reaches 95 percent of all infections.

In Lao People Democratic Republic, a recent survey found that 5. Condom use is very low and the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases is high. Meanwhile, the general population prevalence of HIV stands at 0.

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