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Hypertrophied anal papillae and fibrous anal polyps are not given due importance in the proctology practice. They were followed up for one year. The number of papillae ranged from two to four. Even a case of giant hypertrophied anal papilla complicated with a massive anal bleeding and prolapse was reported[ 6 ]. All authors contributed equally to the work. They are often found as part of the classic triad of a chronic fissure, namely the fissure itself, hypertrophied papilla above and a skin tag below[ 23 ]. A fibrosed-hypertrophied papilla is also frequently found at the upper part of a chronic anal fissure or guarding the internal opening of fistula in anus.

A hundred patients were studied in group A in which the associated fibrous polyp or papillae were removed by radio frequency surgical device after a lateral subcutaneous sphincterotomy for relieving the sphincter spasm. In the later case however, the symptoms may completely dominate and distort the clinical findings.

Retroflexion on Hypertrophic papilla anal

Those patients, in whom, the fissure in anus was treated but the concomitant papillae or polyps were left untouched, continued to complain of pruritus, wetness, or an intermittent pricking sensation in the anus. Only those patients who came for a follow-up after 12 mo of the procedure were included in the study. This is due to piling up and consolidation of chronic inflammatory tissues at the proximal part of the fissure at the dentate line.

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