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Setting up a profile for him is joke because you don't really have any control on naoed pop ups. Having features nakrd on a video will not create a strike on your account. Which is very annoying because you delete it on one channel then it shows up on the next one. These videos will remain available on YouTube, but will be placed behind a warning message, and some features will be disabled, including comments, suggested videos, and likes.

Yohtube Somehow my kids changed my password. If one of your videos has features disabled, we will send an email to notify you. Was this article helpful? It does have a lot of great videos for my son to watch, but there is a lot of inappropriate and dumb videos on here. Mostly likely you will get annoyed if your kid is past kindergarten.

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But even Netflix has shows for kids in the kids profile that r more for he parents than the kids so yes going to see be his everywhere. He says his fave youtuber is on this so I'm just like, "Cool,Karl! Following user reports, if our review teams determine that a video is borderline under our policies, it may have some features disabled. Then the only option it give you is for you to block the channel or video or report it. You can turn off the search and turn off the history but then he can't watch the channels that I approve of and he really likes. This app should really give us parents more of an options to set up their profile's and allow what videos our children can or cannot watch.

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