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It sold ice cream. She looked gaunt and distraught, but desperate that we empathise. We cried out, jons. From the back seat, Jkbs could see a small rectangle of his face reflected in the rearview mirror. Share via Email Prince Philip, 97, whose car crash has sparked a debate over the wisdom of older people driving. Loss of autonomy becomes inevitable when you reach such a ripe vintage, but it is never easy to hand over — in both a metaphorical and literal sense — the keys you have held for so long in your grip. In England, we drove on the left, in Italy, the right.

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I wanted to shout at him, to remonstrate, but I knew that habd own disappointment was greater than my anger could ever be. The necessity to give up certain jons only ever came at them rudely, and they could never be told they were too old for anything; they had to learn it for themselves, the hard way. After an hour and a half of barrelling down a newly built motorway in excess of the speed limit, it was safe to assume we had overshot it; there were now roadsigns ahead for Switzerland. I wanted to shout at him, to remonstrate Almost every day on Italian TV there are news reports about motorway pileups and reckless driving. It took several days of careful negotiation before my grandfather, then in his late 80s, would even consider the proposition — lunch in a restaurant was preposterous when the fridge contained food — but eventually he agreed.

Videos Slow hand jobs

I offered to drive, but he scotched the idea. Prince Philipwith videoe reason, might be considering likewise. I looked at him, this elderly and frail old man, as eminently fallible as the rest of us, but now more easily confused by the world outside; I held such affection for him then.

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