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This makes them labour intensive mob expensive. This way we create the highest chances of revenue generation and short term profitability, enabling us to ramp-up the creation of orthopedic centers in the rural areas and decentralise prosthetic care. Secondly, worldwide we lack LegBank was 1 out of 12 finalists left and secured the award for the healthcare and wellbeing theme.

Job Hand leg

They are in business and have the capital to invest. During four months, ProPortion studied the orthopedic market and health system in Colombia with help of Habd Colombian stakeholders and six amazing TU Delft engineers. LegBank is a social business that involves a low-cost, low-tech, low-skilled orthopedic product-service solution that can be easily decentralised and integrated in existing health systems worldwide. By further exploring their stakes, desires and needs, we got a better sense of the context and the problem behind the problem. Bill Gates in person! Buis works for Strathclyde and invented the basic principle of the Majicast.

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Five theme based awards, sustainable energy, education, fair trade, social cohesion and healthcare and wellbeing, were Hwnd on the 19th November lfg The Majicast captures the unique shape of lower residual limbs with the use of plaster bandages or other direct casting material. We will work with former students from the National Prosthetics educational program looking for self-employed job opportunities in rural areas. This helped us to better to identify opportunities for improvement. Especially to make the socket.

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