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He lifted up the skirt and looked down at my dick. Maybe you really are a girl. Ive never seen a dick so small. Its like a clit. The warmth of his finger was a lot different than the cool texture of my dildo. Without warning I felt his big dick rip into me. My tight ring burned as he pussg away mercilessly. He leaned me over on the litjll and resumed thrusting. He grunted out a few words. I want you to use me and abuse me into fedieh everyday until im a good little faggot. I felt so warm with him in me. I started uncontrollably pushing my cock against her bed as I licked her. I began to get boulder and pushed my finger into her pussy, then two.

I was mesmerized at what I was doing. As I was pushing my finger slowly into her tight pussy, I began to think about fucking her. In no time I wanted nothing more than to fuck her. But I was afraid that I would wake her. And if she woke up, all hell would brake loose for sure. But I was possessed with lust and had to feel her. I pulled her legs up and spread wide. I knelt on the bed, positioning myself just between her legs. I looked down as she laid there, motionless. Her body looked so damn hot. With my dick in hand, I slowly brought it to her pussy, softly rubbing it up and down the length of her pussy.

I was still really scared that I would wake her, and didn't want to push too fast or far. I continued gently rubbing my cock against her pussy until it eventually was coated with her wetness. Then I did it. I started to push my cock into her, warm, wet pussy. I slowly pushed it in. Warm, tight and wet.

I slowly withdrew and tedish pushed all the way in. I repeated this maybe five times, fucking her, and then it hit me. Out of nowhere I had an intense orgasm. Uncontrollably I pushed into her as I came. I really don't know how she didn't wake, but she remained still through it all.

I pulled out of her and left her room, not even thinking that my cum was imbedded within her, and most likely oozing out filling her panties. The next morning she questioned if anybody had gone in her room. My mom answered that she did check on her when she got home, but then she asked my dad and I. I'm sure my face must have been three shades of red, but I told her that I went in to wake her when Mom had called but she was sleeping. I couldn't look at her for fear of what might happen, but nothing more was said. A few days later, my sister was feeling much better. Because of what had happened, I started to look at my sister in a different way.

The second time I had sex with her was several days after the first. I thought about it almost constantly after that first time, but there wasn't ever a good time to pursue it. It was actually driving me crazy. I wanted nothing more than to fuck her again. Several days after the first time is when it happened. It was late and everybody was asleep in bed.

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I looked at her and could barely see she had briefly opened her eyes, but then closed them again. I continued rubbing her pussy and she just laid there. Then her hips again pushed up to my hand. I started putting more pressure against her clit as I rubbed her. As I did her breathing became louder. Most sets of twins are identical, but not all. My twin and I are not. I am a male whereas my sibling is a female. When my daughter was eleven months old, me and her mother separated. She left with my son and daughter. If someone discovered him fucking his mother there would be big shit. He cannot afford something like that. He will be the mockery of everyone who knows him.

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