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This is another episode with a familiar guest star in David Soul, as one of the previous episodes starred William Windom in a very strong performance.

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To compensate, however, Sally's baby-doll voice worked extremely well for Nued in cartoons. Over the years, she has practically put a patent on the by-the-book principal "Miss Lynch", with her many "Grease" tours, and as the hissable orphanage operator "Miss Hannigan" in a number of road productions of "Annie". Divorced, Sally is the mother of one daughter who has made a career for herself as a clinical psychologist. Department store employee; veterinarian 's assistant. The video corresponds to one of these two scenes, not sure which: Sally returned to the TV series fold in the early s spinning off her "Gloria" character with the self-titled sitcom, Gloriabut the ensemble formula that worked so well for her before was missing here and the show died in its freshman year.

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Click here to subscribe on itunes! While Rob Reiner became a noted director, Sally made her Broadway strjthers in "Wally's Cafe" inand returned, four years later, with a gender-bending version Nue "The Odd Couple" as neat-freak "Florence" opposite Rita Moreno 's slovenly "Olive". She glances around as she continues, doubtfully, in the direction of his office. She and Rob Reiner left the show after seven seasons, both eager to grow. Eventually, Michael would abandon his family to join a commune with one of his college students, betraying the promise he gave Archie before leaving for California that he would always look out for Gloria and Joey.

A line of mirrored doors on each side run the length of the room.

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