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The obliging Englishmen ordered a rope from room service. Then they hauled in a seventeen-year-old redhead named Jackie. The place was a favorite with musicians because guests could fish from their rooms. Obsessive Pop Tendencies is a program exploring how fandom crosses over into contemporary art practices.

And she loved it. Mark Stein [of Vanilla Fudge] filmed mdmbers whole thing. Next, Jackie removed her clothes and the boys tied her to the bed. But it was nothing malicious or harmful, no way! The incident was variously described as involving some or all of the members of Led Zeppelin.

No one was ever hurt. According to the legend of the Shark Episode, Led Zeppelin then proceeded to stuff pieces of shark into her vagina and rectum. This astonishing debut establishes author Karen Hildebrand as the inheritor of a robust, august tradition of female poets—from Anne Bradstreet in the seventeenth century to Amy Clampitt in the twentieth—who came into their poetic powers later in life. This website may not display correctly in your browser.

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Favorite tales then as now involved drug use arcives sexual exploits, and, as usual, the most popular stories proved to be mixtures of truth, fiction, exaggeration, and publicity stunts. The band hauled in some fish. The basic tale incorporated a number of variations that were added to it across time:

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