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You can occasionally find shoes measured in centimeters, but most are marked with European system. American size 0 is the same as 15 Paris Points. Russian and Ukraine shoe sizes taken from Global7Network. Check with the manufacturer. The standard or "FIA" scale and the common scales. I intend to get more detail on Nike, Reebok, and Adidas due to the strong interest in running shoes for people coming to this page. Canadian shoe sizes are equivalent identical to American shoe sizes for both Adult and Children's, Men and Women.

Size foot Comparing fetish

There is no difference for men, slze, girls and boys. I have not been researching children's shoes in much detail. There are two scales used in the U. Otherwise they wouldn't have just abandoned their web address, making it hard for anyone to find their new home I am just noting the page is well structured and is much better than most.

The "common" scale is more Cimparing used. I have been looking into army, military, ski, hiking, climbing boots, ladies pumps, high-heeled, spike and dress shoes, as well as sneakers, designer shoes, gentlemen's shoes, causal, penny loafers, sandals, and other styles. Actually, I am tired of them, but they refuse to die.

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