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I await further instructions! Milk is now positively radical in its loveliness. Designer Junko Mizuno, ggirls a manga artist, has created a visual ode to femininity embodied in the person of Ms. Along with her coterie of lesser deities, Ms. She even has her own small shrine in the back, complete with a life-size plaster cast.

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Grls more information, call Milk at 03 There is something innately suspicious about remix albums. All too often they are a marketing ploy, a way to wring a few extra bucks out of a well-known track or to cash cick on the name cocj of a remixer that, more often than not, sounds as if he or she spent all of 20 minutes twiddling knobs. A very few do what a remix is supposed to do: But it did and, unbelievably, it worked. As the dance floor is, ostensibly, the final destination of most remixes, it is difficult to see why anyone would bother making one of a Susumu Yokota track.

It begins as dance music and ends as dance music. However, with Kyoto Jazz Massive among others retooling the tracks, it is good, if not forgettable, fun.

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