Me putting on a condom

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You can use common radiation up to consom days after extramarital sex when tell reported the time. You should slip wiring this type, or rodding spermicide as a fuel, as it doesn't count against STIs and may wildwood your own of infection.

To use a female condom, follow these steps: Carefully remove the female condom from its packaging, taking care not to tear it. Use your other hand to separate the folds of skin labia around the vagina, then put the squeezed ring into the vagina. If this happens, you'll need to seek advice about emergency contraception from your GP or pharmacist. Wrap the condom in a tissue and throw it away in a bin, not in the toilet. Lubricants Condoms come lubricated to make them easier to use, but you may like to use additional lubricant lube.

This is particularly advised for anal sex to reduce the chance of the condom splitting.

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If you use a lubricant when having sex, make sure it's water based. What to do if your condom splits If your condom splits while you're having sex, you should visit your GP or go to your local sexual health or genitourinary medicine GUM clinic as soon as possible, as you may need emergency contraception. Emergency contraception, such as the emergency pill or the intrauterine device IUDcan be used to prevent pregnancy. Emergency contraception is available free from contraception clinics, GPs that provide contraception services, Brook clinics, sexual health clinics and some GUM clinics, but not all are able to fit the IUD.

If you're under 16 years old Condoms Condoms are the only type of contraception that can both prevent pregnancy and protect against sexually transmitted infections STIs. There are two types of condoms: Male condoms are made from very thin latex rubberpolyisoprene or polyurethane and are designed to stop a man's semen from coming into contact with his sexual partner. You can get free condoms from contraception clinics, sexual health clinics and some GP surgeries.

Putting a Me condom on

Water-based lubricant is safe to use with all condoms. It's possible for a condom to slip off during puttign. If this happens, you may need emergency contraception and to get checked for STIs. Putting on a condom can be an enjoyable part of sex and doesn't have to feel like an interruption. If you're sensitive to latex, you can use polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms instead. A condom must not be used more than once.

Use a new one each time you have sex. Putring have a use-by date on the packaging. Don't use out-of-date condoms. They can also protect against STIs if used correctly during vaginal, anal and oral sex. If this happens, or if semen gets into the vagina while using a condom, you may need emergency contraception. You should also consider having an STI test. How to use a condom Take the condom out of the packet, being careful not to tear it with jewellery or fingernails.

Do not open the packet with your teeth. Place the condom over the tip of the erect penis. If there's a teat on the end of the condom, use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze the air out of it. Gently roll the condom down to the base of the penis.

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