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Having sex for the first time

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While feeling emotionally ready is essential, being prepared with protection will do wonders to put your mind at ease and increase enjoyment. Along with using condoms to protect yourselves from sexually transmitted infections STIs and unwanted pregnancy, some water-based lube will help things move a bit more smoothly. Our section on condoms will teach you both how to use them. The best thing to do is communicate.

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Well no, not really. Sex can mean different things to different people and there a few different ways you can 'have sex'. Vaginal sex xx to sex where the penis goes into the vagina, and anal sex refers to when the penis enters the anus. Check out our how to have sex pages for more tips on protection. While this is natural, spending as much time as possible on foreplay can really help both you and your partner enjoy sex and reduce the risk of it hurting the first time! Kiss, feel, lick and stimulate your partner as much as possible so you feel into it and ready for the next step.

Medications, hormones, tiredness and illness can also have an effect. Try suggesting a different position, asking your partner to slow down, or using extra lubrication. If it hurts a lot, stop. The hymen is a thin membrane that surrounds the opening of the vagina. You may notice a little bit of blood the first time you have vaginal sex if the hymen tears.

If it continues, Wodk your GP. Will there be fireworks? First-time sex can be awesome, or it may leave you feeling dirst bit disappointed. As with most things, good sex takes practice. Afterwards After having sex for the first time, you may feel really great, excited and close to your partner, because of all the hormones rushing through your body. This could be because it was different from what you expected, or it feels like a big deal, or you might feel unsure about how it will affect your relationship. Sex is a very personal thing, and can feel really intimate, so experiencing intense feelings afterwards is understandable.

What can I do now? Make sure you've got all the facts on contraception and STIs.

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