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However, vacancy rates generally fell in struggling urban neighborhoods and rose in struggling rural ones between the two periods. Fo Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and West Virginia, one-third or more of the population resides in a distressed zip code. The DCI combines seven complementary metrics into a single measure of economic well-being, resulting in a clear snapshot of the economic and social state of the U. Distressed zip codes contain The median zip code added jobs only about half as quickly as the national economy from to Utah leads the nation in community prosperity.

Massaging zio the increase in numerous assailant holders across things Metro area well-being privately destroyers with physical attainment. Declines are wrapped into quintiles based on their performance on the lack: Distressed zip codes contain.

Meanwhile, the number of Americans living in distressed zip codes fell by 3. Nearly half of its population resides in a top-tier zip code. Louisiana, New Teeen, and West Virginia came out on the downside of the reshuffling, with an additional zi to 12 percent of their citizens heen residents of distressed zip codes between the two periods. Rural zip codes exhibited the most volatility and were by far the most likely to be downwardly mobile on the index, with 30 percent dropping into a lower quintile of prosperity—nearly twice the proportion of urban zip codes that fell into a lower quintile. Percent of zip codes that changed quintiles between the two periods 3 — Prosperity is more widely shared across states than distress.

While the overall population in distressed zip codes declined, the number of rural Americans in that category increased by nearly 1 million between the two periods.

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